Somaliland:Ministry of National Planning holds High Level Relief Coordination meeting


By Goth Mohamed Goth

A high-level Relief coordination meeting was held today at the with the purpose of addressing the serious drought issues that has gripped the country and assessing assistance projects meant to support people affected by the drought was held at the Ministry of National Planning and Development.

Ms Ubah Mohamed Mahmoud, head of the coordination department in the Ministry of National Planning and Development briefed the participants on the meeting agenda by which she stated, “Today we are gathered here so that we can share data and information related to projects designed to assist people affected by the current humanitarian crisis caused by the drought thus the purpose of the purpose of the meeting is to plan and coordinate their supplies to reach the affected of which this ministry with the coordination of projects.

Hon Mohamed Ibrahim Aden (Qabyo tire), Minister of National Planning while chairing the meeting once again briefed on the overall purpose of the meeting and what is expected of it; “Our concerted efforts are needed now to save the lives of tens of thousands of children and their families.”

He further said, “Today’s meeting is of great importance, having met with the representatives of local and international NGO’s whom we have working relations and are partners with the ministry of national planning.

“The goal of the meeting is to present to the local and international NGO’s on our strategies and take part in emergency relief efforts those people devastated by drought whose adverse effects has impacted heavily on the pastures and livestock and as well as support to help communities access safe water as they did in the past”.

The minister of national planning added, “As you’re well aware, As part of this year’s special commemoration to mark the occasion of May 18 national day, the Government of the Republic of Somaliland plans to raise $10 Million Dollars through fund raising meant to assist those affect by the drought and of which it has manged to collect $3 Million dollars from the general public and another $ 2Million donated by the DP world to be used in relocating and resettling internally displaced families, restocking of pastoral households with livestock, rehabilitation of farms, sinking of  deep boreholes and other activities.

Hon Mohamed Ibrahim Aden (Qabyo tire), Minister of National Planning noted, “Both the people and government of Somaliland have played their role in soliciting funds for the relief efforts, it was now the time for local and international NGO’s to present their and share their proposed plans.

Finally, the minister of planning hinted the formation of a two-sided committee which shall be composed of members of national committee charged with the tasked with collection of funds to assist drought affected people and representatives of local aid agencies and international organizations, who shall have adopted a unified response to work together to formulate proposals on providing an integrated package of life-saving humanitarian assistance.

During the meeting, the present representatives of local and international NGO’s presented various plans.

Hon Mohamed Ibrahim Aden Minister of National Planning (Qabyo tire) was during the meeting flanked by the Minister of State for Planning, Deputy Minister and head of the co-ordination department in the Ministry of Planning,




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