Somaliland:Speakers trade blows as session Aborts





Somalilanders were sadly treated to disgusting and shameful drama when the most August of noble public representation house was brought to disrepute following fist-fight blows by none other than the Speaker himself and his first deputy.

Following a long standing row between the two legislature executives over power straggle, the epitome of the love-lost bared its head glaringly at yesterday morning’s seating session when the Deputy Speaker Hon. Bashe Mohammed Farah went out of Standing Executive and House Orders by in-subordinating his boss stubbornly, hence tried usurp his powers and terribly caused embarrassments.

Members of the public were taken aghast with shocking disbelief when they saw in the electronic media the two usually shy and overly calm pubic executives publicly revealed their other hidden un-ruly sides.

Problems started when the Speaker Hon. Abdurrahman Mohammed Abdillahi alias Irro ruled that motion tabled by 38 members of parliament concerning the privatization of Berbera Petroleum facility storage would be debated in their next seating sessions as per their rules.

He spelt out that according to the Parliamentary by-laws Standing Rules Order 43 Sub-section 2 barred a motion to be tabled and debated in/on the same seating session. He made it clear that he had dealt with it’s dispensing as per regulations and that he duly called the names of the MPs signed one by one as required.

His deputy Hon. Bashe then interjected and said that it had to be set in motion hence put to vote.

He further ordered the vote to be taken.

Thereafter, then, a shameful commotion followed when the Speaker tried to prevail upon his deputy by covering the latter’s microphone.

After a bit of a push and pull the situation was quickly brought to calm but under a brief control.

The Speaker resumed his dutiful chores and apologized to the House for what he termed as ‘distracting ugly commotion’ never seen before in the country’s parliament.

No sooner had the Speaker cautioned that the standing orders and parliamentary by laws must be adhered to than his deputy, again, interjected and called for division on the chair’s ruling.

He went further and usurped the Speaker’s powers by out-rightly ordering for a vote to be taken. No one heeded him and it was then that his boss attacked him physically forcing him to succumb to his chair.

Just as all Somalilanders were dismayed by the un-called for gross misdemeanor in the parliament, so too would all who care for the adherence of the stipulated rule of law.

The Speaker ordered for the continuation for the debate on the amendments of the parliamentary by-laws in the itinerary, their standing rules, something that never happened due to the sad unfortunate drama by the legislative bosses.

The bone of contention was on the motion on the privatization of the Berbera Petroleum storage facility that was shot down by the parliament a couple of weeks ago and was rejected by the Head of State and sent back to them. Both later publicly apologized to the nation and their colleagues.

(Also see the Editorial)


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