Somaliland:Speaker Cirro Writes to Guurti Requesting for another 5 year Extension



By Goth Mohamed Goth

The speaker of the national assembly and Chairman of WADDANI Hon Abdurrahman Abdullah Mohamed “Cirro” has written a letter to the house of Elders “Guurti” requesting an extension of the current term by 5 years for holding the upcoming elections which are due in 2015 stating that it would be impossible for holding both the Presidential and parliamentary elections at the same due to the government unpreparedness’.

The speaker in a brief press interview with QoryaaleNews.Com, Somali language website cited it would be almost impossible to hold both the Presidential and parliamentary elections at the same due to the government unpreparedness considering the timeline set.

This is the second time the current speaker of national assembly has request such an extension in ten years but we still don’t know if the house of elders shall accept his request.

Both the House of Elders and parliament unconstitutional extended their tenures.

Somaliland has a track record of holding regular multiparty elections in the past ten years. Four largely peaceful, free and fair elections were held since 2002, which contributed to Somaliland’s own model of democracy and nation-building, peace and harmony in its society. But this progress has not been without its own challenges, chief among them which is the capacity and extent to which national institutions, broadly-speaking, and election management bodies specifically, facilitate constructive management of electoral process, particularly, electoral dispute management.


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