Somaliland: Somcable Broadcasts 18 May Independence celebrations far and wide


SomCable well known for its high speed fibre-optic broadband internet during the 18th May, 2016 independence day celebrations.

The high speed internet provider lived up to its reputation by providing free high internet services to enable media houses to cover national events live transmission globally.

Somcable availed local media outlets with facilities which supports livestreaming of the events, a service they providently contributed to this year’s Independence in a spirit of patriotism and the enhancement of local social infrastructures.

Somcable is major contributor to such public infrastructural services because of its readiness to provide the ultra-modern communication technologies to the people.

Broadband Internet carries the potential to give Somaliland users in rural, remote and underprivileged areas the benefits and advantages afforded by high-speed broadband Internet connections

The Company is always committed to provide the best and advanced communication services its customers, Somcable provides affordable rate which enable its customers to take advantage of modest means for transformative communication.


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