Somaliland:SOLJA and VIKES jointly hold Media Training for local Police and Judiciary


By Goth Mohamed Goth

Somaliland Journalists Association(SOLJA) and VIKES – the Finnish foundation for media and development jointly facilitated two days’(22nd and 23rd of August) media training funded by the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and FCA Finland.

Mr. Mahmoud Jama aka Xuuto, speaking during the opening of the two days’ media training said, “The main objective this training is to improve national media practices and standards. This will be achieved through training activities targeting journalists from all media outlets and houses (governmental and non-governmental) in a country.

The Deputy information minister urged the youthful journalists participating in the three days training to deter from using unethical methods in their reporting of events instead they should utilize the wide range of option available to them to do background research through technical innovation from new approaches in online storytelling, to be investigative and to use digital tools that will change the way stories are told.

Veteran Finnish Journalist Mr. Peik Johansson, the Somaliland/Somalia program coordinator for VIKES,opened the first training session by stating the objectives of training in which he began by saying, “The aim of this training is to promote the freedom of expression and media diversity as the foundations for the democracy and social development which was followed by the introduction of the VIKES, The Finnish Foundation for Media and Development.

Veteran Finnish Journalist added, “Freedom of expression, independent media and citizens’ right to communication are essential parts of the global development agenda. Transparency and openness are basic conditions of development. We cannot speak about functional democracy unless the citizens have the right and opportunity to receive information. Independent and professional media have a central role in furthering economic and democratic development in developing countries.

Mr. Thomas Elfgren, a visiting journalist gave insight to why media is important to police and practical examples of the lessons.

Mr. Yusuf Ali , briefed participants on the Somaliland Press laws and other media laws and the Somaliland press code and conduct.

Local Media owners commented on the media  laws and the challenges in media interaction  with local Police and the Judiciary.