Somaliland:SOLJA and World Bank Jointly Facilitate a Two Days Media Economic Reporting Training Workshop for Local Journalists


By Goth Mohamed Goth

Somaliland Journalist Association and the World Bank jointly organized a two day media economic reporting training workshop aimed at equipping local journalist with the necessary skills to deal with complex financial stories in the country of which most Journalists lack.

The Two day workshop was opened by remarks made by the director general at the Ministry of Information and National Guidance Hon Mohamed Elmi Illkase said, “Most local journalists found it hard to participate in professional development courses to improve their knowledge and the need to develop training for local Journalists which is tailored to their needs in order to be beneficial and effective

At least 33 journalists took part in the two day economic reporting workshop aimed enhance the quality of media coverage of economic issues. This proved highly effective, not only in boosting reporting skills but increasing in-depth and informed coverage of economic issues.

The World Bank sponsored Somaliland journalist’s economic reporting workshop was facilitated by former head of BBC Somali language service and world services veteran Somali journalist Mr. Yusuf Garaad and World Bank economist Mr. Abdulqafar who taught reporters the essentials of print, TV and Radio economic reporting. The participants were taught what key elements of news should be covered in every story, also focusing on style, ethics, researching, making contacts, coming up with story ideas, news conferences and more.

Somaliland Minister of National Planning Dr. Sacad Ali Shire speaking to the trainees said, “Local journalists have failed to improve their skills in the financial area despite its importance to the news agenda and as a result, important economic related news are being under-represented.

The head of the statistic and planning department at the Ministry of Finance Mr. Weli gave the participants of the two day media economic training in depth workings of the Ministry of Finance and also how the ministry prepares the national Budget.

Present at the closing of the two days’ workshop, Somaliland Deputy Minister of Information and National Hon Abdiwahab Abdulkadir gave certificates to the reporters who took part in the media economic reporting training.



  1. Where are the girls? I see one in all the photos. Anyway Somaliland journos do not need two day seminars – they need three year training. They do not have a clue about the basic tenants of journalism. they all work for clan-owned rags and websites and reflect the pettines, small-mindedness and innate hositlity of these clans. They do not know the difference between fact and rumour. They do not bother to check. they have never heard of where/what/when/how/who etc./ Double source and right to reply are alien to them. They cannot differentiate between opinion and news reoprt. Objectivity is not uppermost in their work. Journalism? what journalism?All you have is clansmen with access to printing facilties


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