Somaliland:SL Strikes New Energy Alliance with Italy





By Goth Mohamed Goth

As the Minister of Energy & Minerals Resources of the Republic of Somaliland, Mr. Hussein Abdi Dualeh is charged with directing H.E. President Ahmed Silanyo’s agenda to develop Somaliland’s energy and mineral resources in an environmentally responsible and sustainable way for the benefit of its people. These include the development of hydrocarbons, hard minerals, renewable energy and efficient power generation.

The Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources briefing the press on his recent trip to Italy began by stating, “My recent visit to Italy lasted for five days, this came about after I received a formal invitation from representatives of companies seeking to invest in energy production projects in Somaliland.

The foreign companies have  after conducting studies on wind velocity and being convinced the country has abundance for renewable resources and also the potentiality for an environment that boosts a cost effective way that promotes sustainable commercial energy production.

Hon Hussein A Dualeh added, “The study was conducted by Think Global shows the viability of a better Investment and economic prospect doubled by the Somaliland impeccable political stability and security record not only country is committed to work together with its investment partners so as to realize this vision with a focus on piloting alternative energy solutions, such as wind farms.

Prof. Carlo Pellegrino, director of the Department of Technology and the University of Padova in the local aspect has event Workshop Energy discussed, local development and sub-Saharan Africa, and recent histroy of Somaliland.

Hon Hussein Dualeh also visited the old city Venice whereby he was hosted by the regional government of Veneto.

While in Venice, Hon Hussein Abdi Dualeh through Teleconference with Ms. Felicia Zaccheo a European Union Head of Unit and director General of Development and cooperation had the opportunity to present Somaliland case and at the same time appealed for investment aid sector.

The country needs foreign investment to upgrade the energy considering ever increasing and continuously unpredictable fluctuating diesel prices that power electricity generation has detrimental impact on the business climate in a nation that fights to move away from recovery of post-conflict situation to a relatively rapid economic development.

Minister for Energy and Minerals Hon Hussein Abdi Dualeh also met with representatives of the Italian international cooperation department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in a bid to appeal for Italian Aid.

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