Somaliland:SL /Somalia Six Point Joint communiqué


DSC_0154By Goth Mohamed Goth

President of Somaliland Ahmed Mohamed Mohamud (Silanyo) met in Djibouti 21/12/2014. The two presidents agreed:

  1. To accelerate the pace of any future talks between the two sides through a set timeline.
  2. The parties will review implementation status of issues that have previously been discussed and approved the contents of previous agreements which are in the best interests of both parties.
  3. A) – Both parties Refrain from inflammatory statements and behavior that will impinge on the objectives and progress of the Process and avoid making public statements compromising or undermining the spirit of the negotiation.
  4. B) –Both sides promise not to politicize humanitarian aid and rehabilitation projects.
  5. C) -To implement the agreement t Air Traffic Control Board through technical means based on what was previously been agreed upon.
  6. Both parties agreed to include if need be the government of Djibouti as mediator in all future talks between the two countries.

4) Both sides have agreed to defend human rights, coordinate on issues regarding peace and work jointly in the fight against terrorism, piracy and organized crime (Organized crime).

5) –The next meeting between the two sides is scheduled to be held in Istanbul in Turkey on the 26th -27th of February, 2015.

6) – The president of Somalia and Somaliland both react to thank the President of Djibouti Ismail Omar Guelleh, and invited into the talks, after they asked the two sides. ”



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