Somaliland:SL observes International World Food Day


IMG_3241The International World Food Day was celebrated in Somaliland albeit under a background of a situation that saw drought grip the country in a year that for the first time saw complete lack of agricultural produce being harvested in the country’s backed region.

The Minister of Agriculture Dr. Mohammed Aw Dahir Ibrhaim took the momment to underscore the importance of food as the backbone of life.

“It is the main defence against hunger hence its vast production basically wards off poverty”, said the minister.

The Minister lamented that severe drought has had serious effects on livestock and agriculture was widely felt in Marodijeh, Awdal, Gebiley and Selel regions.

“Only three percent of the harvest this year is expected with a whoping 97% stunted”, said the minister sadly.

This year’s theme is “The Achievement of Zero Hunger”.

Prior to the main event, the minister cut the ribbons of the newly established national seed bank which is a center for restoration, storage and distribution of agricultural seeds that has been implemented by HAVAYOCO with the courtesy of Danish Funding.

He was flanked by the minister of industries Hon. Shuaib M. Muse. Others who present were the NEDAD chairman Mr. M. M. Awale, Agricultural DG Mr. Abdillahi Ismael, Mr. Michal of FAO, Kate Anderson of the Denmark Fund, Dahir Hudun of WFP, Gebiley Mayor Cllr. Mohammed Amin, Havayoco representative Mr. Omar, mPs and farmers.

They were entertained by re-known musicians, amongst them Nimo Degan.IMG_3160qqqq IMG_3188 IMG_3241 IMG_3250IMG_3156


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