Somaliland:SL Government Allows use of Airport Against Al-Houthis


11109270_886691678048660_3248069094102513693_nSaudi-led coalition against the Houthi rebels have been given permission by ‪Somaliland government to use Berbera airport as a launching hub.

According to Confused Eagle , the government of Somaliland has agreed to allow the Sudanese government to use Berbera airport to launch airstrikes against Al Houthi militants in Yemen. Sudan is a member of the Saudi-led coalition intervening in Yemeni conflict.
Earlier , president Hassan Mohamud of Somalia who has no authority over Berbera told the Arab leaders meeting in Cairo that the coalition could use Berbera airport in the war against the Houthi Rebels.

Berbera airport has a 4,140 m runway, one of the longest on the continent. The runway was built by the Soviet Union in the mid-1970s in order to counter the United States’ military presence in the region. It was rented by NASA at a cost of $40 million  per year, and used as an emergency landing site for the Space Shuttle from 1980 until 1991, when the government of former President of Somalia Siad Barre collapsed.



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