Somaliland:SL Authorities apprehend several suspects involved in illegal Wildlife Trade


By Goth Mohamed Goth

Hargeisa-Somaliland Ministry of environment and Rural Development yesterday apprehended several suspected and at the same time confiscated vehicles used in illegal wildlife trade.

Mr. Mohamed Elmi Hussein, the director general in the Ministry of environment and Rural Development speaking to reporters during a press conference held at the ministry headquarters said, “We have in the course of the week detained nine suspects who were involved in illegal wildlife trade and impounded vehicles used in the illicit trade.

“The nine suspects were caught in Cadaadley district of Maroodi Jeh region while trying to smuggle 6 rare tortoises out of the country. The nine suspects will be arraigned in a court of law as soon as investigation is completed,” he said.

Hon Shukri Haji Ismail Bandare, Minister of environment and rural development speaking during the press conference said, “Even though we managed to arrest nine suspects involved Wildlife trafficking, the potential buyers escaped the net this time. Stopping the illegal wildlife trade is one of the most important and urgent parts of our work to protect iconic and threatened wildlife.

The Minister added, “There is an increased demand of exotic animals for pets and for bush meat for delicacy in parts of the world, especially those from Somaliland, a new cycle affecting the whole Africa.


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