Somaliland:Silanyo’s Election Victory Day and the Following Crises


Maxamed Muse Diriye

By Abdirahman Mohamed Dirye

Once Mr. Silanyo won the election, people thought the victory watershed which will lead to the break of international isolation, but in retrospective, Somaliland took one step forward but two steps backward! Somaliland mired in crisis constantly that may bury her unless prevented from happening in the first place.

Long before President came to office, there was international isolation upon Somaliland but instead of alleviating, he compounded and turned it Gaza-style blockade where patients with dire need of chemotherapy are trafficked through tunnels. Now like Mohamoud Abbas only he and his wife can travel for medical purposes as all people boxed in by the new imposed sanctions! I ask both neighbor countries to maintain the status quo until people make uprising to topple the ineffective government.

Four years later, his win in the election begot animosity towards the tribes that willingly voted for him rather saying “one good turn deserves another” but totally unappreciative of their political support.

President Silanyo passively watching volcano eruptions coming closer and closer to his cozy compound of Somalia’s brutal governor’s foxhole; wanting to swallow him alive! From Kalshale Killing Fields which 300 people combatants and noncombatants equally died in crisis which could be avoided altogether if Silanyo could talk to Dhulos herdsmen without ordering Somaliland military to fight alongside with his Habarjelo militia displacing and killing innocents like Diriye Camp of Abdalle Arab.

If he is serious in tackling the issue, why not send Ali Warana’ade the Interior Minister to the village rather than his fellow tribe men ministers doing unfair arbitration. Arab Chief Sultan ran of tolerance angrily said “you used to say we would evict President Riyale with stick, but we evict you with something else…” I don’t know what in his mind. But I can feel it’s as big as mine….

A waste paper was given Dahab Shiil family to establish Berbera Cement factory without any say of the Sahalians in their fatherland! The government tried to use force to build the factory but, I think, the investor realized the consequence. However; people want investment with mutual benefit but not exploitation or land grab.

Another crisis broke out when rumors of Dahab Shiil buying Sudan Barracks at the East part of Hargaysa spread like fire and groups of New Hargaysawi armed with automatic rifles and RPGs assaulted the military base around the plot of the land which they heard bought by Dahab Shiil, Washingtonpost run news article about it.

How often have we not been forewarned by intellectuals like Poet Suldan Timo Adde “dugsi malaha qabyaaladdi waxay dumiso mooyaane” or in essence “ Stay away from rotten nepotism and dirty clannish politics!” however; the poor leadership is the disaster “ Siyaasaddii waxa loo iga maday madax gaabtii..” or loose translation “ politics are allowed to run by intellectually inferior folks..” Hon. Poet Qaasim said in sixties. He was exactly prophetic! Today politicians are brutes, religious murderers, fatherless boys, and Siyad Barre’s prison criminal fugitives. For the narrow-mindedness of the arbitrators, not the complexity of the problem, the crises intensify unabated! If two aged women dispute over tiny plot of land, none of them can solve and can explode into full scale civil war.

President Silanyo is underdog but his clannish blind and deaf fans may tell you he was longest serving chairman of SNM but what SNM gained apart from loss of lives. If Silanyo is reelected or stay hangover for another two years, God forbid that, it’s the end of Somaliland. Mark my word guys.

Another tragedy occurred in Half-London quarters in Hargaysa when Hirsi owned elections committee announced their votes were erased by computer viruses, people begun to protest peacefully shouting not Takbeer but “ where are my votes” but the government fired live bullets killing and injuring dozens of people.

Another fatal crisis occurred in Aynabo Customs over land dispute. Senior officer was brutally murdered. Murderers got away with it.

The ongoing crisis in Bali Diriye Camp is catastrophic mistake and it can destabilize the country. The president should stop displacing the original inhabitants using tanks of the nation. But would this be the last? I wish to be so. Amen.



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