Somaliland:Show me the Budget Campaign



On the 30th April, a debate conference was held in Mansour Hotel about organized by Social Development group Dalsoor Oragnization.  The conference was attended by the representatives of the three political parties. The topic was based upon prevention of the tribalism and violence during the election times.

The message send by the three parties were that they will create the most suitable environment and work on the peace and stability in the election time.

The deputy of Dalsoor Organization Mr. Mahamoud Jama ( Hamdi) announced a campaign called “ Show me the Budget”. This means that each political party will demonstrate their budget of the next five years, according to the investment they make in each sector. This will help the people to know  which sector the particular party is focusing to improve which makes chose easier for the people to vote.


Written  by: Yasmeen Hassan



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