Somaliland:Share information to defeat terrorism, SL advices Kenya

Al Shabaab Member carrying the Group Black Flag
Al Shabaab Member carrying the Group Black Flag
Al Shabaab Member carrying the Group Black Flag
Al Shabaab Member carrying the Group Black Flag

NAIROBI, KENYA: The government of Somaliland has called on Kenya and other countries in the region to enhance partnerships and active sharing of information in order to defeat the threat of terrorism. In a statement condemning the recent attacks in Mandera, the representative of Somaliland to Kenya Dr Mohamud Jama said that countries in the region need to share best practices in order to deal effectively with terrorism from Al Shabaab militant group. Somaliland, which seceded from Somalia in 1991 after the civil war in Somalia has been largely stable and is an effective bulwark against terrorist threats in the region. “The Government of Somaliland believes the defeat of Al Shabaab and the elimination of all the root causes of terrorism requires continuous consultations among officials of the countries of the region in order to facilitate sharing of information and experiences in fighting terrorism. Both require the strengthening of diplomatic relations,” he said in Nairobi. Although the country is yet to gain official recognition from the international community, Somaliland has had a functional government since 1991 including security forces who have kept the peace in the former British colony. Al Shabaab has not managed to penetrate Somaliland and cause instability to the region. Dr Mohamud said that Somaliland’s efforts in state building and reconciliation as well as its peace and democratic achievements have acted as a strong deterrent to terrorism. He said that the country also faces terrorist threats just like Kenya and is doing its best to contain them. See also: Mandera leaders vow to weed out Al Shabaab sympathizers, welcome tough action by State “The broad political consensus within Somalia and between Somalia and Somaliland is a necessary precondition for effective counter-terrorist strategies. Kenya and other IGAD Member States need to factor the Somaliland-Somalia disputes in their regional security and stabilization policies,” he said. Dr Mohamud said that Somaliland welcomes high level consultations at IGAD level among all the actors. He said that these consultations could explore and lay a foundation for peaceful resolution of the Somalia and Somaliland disputes as part of the larger efforts to stabilize the region. “A political framework for a comprehensive Somali cantered settlement process has been the missing element in IGAD led initiatives,” he said. Dr Mohamud officially delivered its condolences to the families of the Mandera victims and the people and Government of Kenya. Kenya and Somaliland have agreed to open liaison offices in their respective capitals, which are expected to be operationalized in the coming months. Dr Mohamud praised the fact that Kenya has been hosting half million Somali refugees and has been instrumental in efforts and initiatives of IGAD member states to broker peace in the region.


Source : Standard Media


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