Somaliland:Severe drought displaces populace

A camel wanders across the
A camel wanders across the

M.A. Egge

The severe drought that has swept across the country has immensely displaced the residents of dozens of village centres, confirms the Saraar deputy regional governor.

According to Khadar Abdi Muse of our sister paper Dawan, deputy governor Ibrahim Mohammed has confirmed that over thirty villages has had its residents leave their homes in search of pastures and water far afield.

He said that the villages which lie in the districts of Waridad, Eelal and Danaano were seriously affected. The area falls north on the rest Saraar region and the expanse hit lies between Burao and Erigavo.

He acknowledged the fact that the drought that hit his area of governance had also severely affected the rest of the country.

Khadar reports that the administrator who was touring the region evaluating the extent of the impact met with reporters who were currently touring the countryside on the same mission.


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