Somaliland:Several Children Homes in Hargeisa and Gabiley are beneficiaries of Gifts courtesy of the First Lady



By Goth Mohamed Goth

Somaliland deputy minister of social affairs Hon Shukri hariri Ismael,the former Mayor of Gabiley Madam Khadra Haji Gaydh and Ms Nasra Aqil a member of the ruling party have on behalf of first lady Amina Sheikh Mohammed jirde currently accompanying HE President Ahmed Mohamed Mohamoud Silanyo who visiting the Uk distributed her yearly offerings an assortment gifts to less fortunate children in three homes based in Hargeisa and Gablley.

The representatives of the first lady Amina Sheikh Mohammed jirde assortment gifts consisting of drinking juice and various snacks brands meant to be served for the less fortunate were today handed over to the patrons of the Mohammed Mooge Orphanage ,Hargeisa orphanage and Gabiley orphanage.

Somaliland first lady Amina Sheikh Mohammed jirde engages in charity work aimed at improving the living conditions of the less fortunate persons in  our society.



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