Somaliland:Security forces Seize illegal arms in Awdal Region


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By Goth Mohamed Goth

Boarame-Security forces in awdal region have arrested eight suspects and at the same time seizing an illegal arms consignment and explosive making materials.

Mr. Mahmoud Ali Saleban “Ramaah”, the governor of Awdal region, speaking to press said, “Acting on a specific input, security forces mounted an operation in which they seized an assortment of weapons and explosive making materials. He added that security forces are currently holding in custody eight suspects.

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The seized arms cache included several crates full of arms and ammunition — including two Mortars launchers, mortar ammo bullets, anti-tank mines and IED circuits, fuses and an array of explosive making materials in form of powder.odayal 447

The regional administrator congratulated the local security forces for the operation saying the recovery has saved lives as the arms would have been used against them.

Mr. Ramaah reiterated the continuation of such operations which are part of the wider effort to bolster security in the country.

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