Somaliland:Security forces detain four heavily Armed Men in Lughaya


By Goth Mohamed Goth

Somaliland Security force are holding in the custody four persons and also have impounded a vehicle which they were traveling in the western coastal town of Lughaya after they were caught in possession of unlicensed weapons.

Mr. Abdullah Ali Aw Nuur Dihood , the Mayor of Lughaya confirmed the arrest of the four persons while speaking to the press said , “ The four heavily armed persons were caught as they were traveling between the town of Garbodadar and  Gargaara ,the arrest of the armed men came about when locals reported seen armed men in the area that’s when security forces launched a search which subsequently lead to  the apprehension of the men  who were first detained in Garbodadar  before been transferred to Borame regional Police headquarters.

The local administrator went on to say, “ We still don’t know why this men were armed neither do we know their mission but investigation into this matter are still ongoing and those involved will be arraigned in a court of law as soon as investigation are completed.


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