Somaliland:Secret Crush Surrounded By WADDANI Party

Waddani political association supporters in Burao
Waddani political association supporters in Burao


Waddani political association supporters in Burao
Waddani political association supporters in Burao


He who is not going to unload your camel should not be the one to load it.

Somaliland was undergoes different situation since regain its independent government in 1991. From that period the government undergoes growth stages that were initiated by tribal sharing. At that time the dominant tribes live in northern regions were agreed for two years SNM army military ruled the government and the administration without competition, and it was the only option. Because of SNM group was strongly military armies. We cannot follow deeply but only us stating recaps.

Two years later all tribes and the transition government came into Borama, it was agreed after Sheikh town negotiation and convention to meet Borama city to conduct preliminary convention and preparation of building government and constitution drafting.

The issue was peace established and hand shaking of all party of communities pardon, President Cigal was elected H.E of Somaliland government and also built the two parliamentary houses (the upper house of elders and the legislative house).

And, Somaliland government overcome the all obstacles of internal tribe wars and destruction of SNM army military, the country success built the upper house of elders that consists of Sultans, Chief Aqils, Tribe leaders and Sheikhs which always ready intervention of any kind of conflicts and problems comes out and the constitution has gave an authority and taking last decisions of Agendas raised both by the government and legislative house.

The second points built in Borama was Covenant Tribe Agreements( axdi qarameedkii beelaha), that agreements worked 6yrs until the country getting permanent constitution(dastuur ) and it was part of covenant tribe agreements to raise a full draft of constitution that the whole people will vote with it.

Those 3 parties always representing the country politics mentioned legally derived from the constitution that 97% of whole population voted. Indeed there is no articles saying the chairmen of the 3 Parties must be same tribe, i,e Isak, Harti or Gadabuursi, but its free and fairness and equity of all tribes.

The first Party built was UDUB PARTY or sometimes called father of Democratic Party that all Somaliland tribes united and displayed its administration sharing. Later on more parties created and the first election take place in Somaliland the people participated free voted was the local councils in the regions and it was greatly successfully, an only 3 parties remained the end and became the national parties UDUB, UCID AND KULMIYE.

Those 3 parties were participated 4 elections including 2 presidential election + Parliamentary + local council.

In 2003 it was historic genuineness the first time of elected president for one man one vote democratically takes place in horn Africa, the election won UDUB party Mr. Dahir Rayaale selected ruling H.E of the government. He implemented 4 elections that parliamentary election included.

In 2010 was elected as president of Somaliland Mr. Siilanyo his party got 50% out of the total vote, and the leadership of UDUB party Mr. Rayaale handover the administration democratically.

After swore, Mr. Siilanyo officially got H.E of Somaliland government, and transition period over. The new president started building his cabinets and immediate compliances begun and tribe power shared lost throughout the country. We are not going to talk the issue of balance this article, but its possible later Episodes.

View months later President Silanyo reopened competition of new political parties and first election of local council of his term and has finished violent and crowd. New political group become appeared calls consultative forum house (madasha wada tashiga) and political conflict created up to now, but the total number of parties were 16parties and at the end stage only 3 parties got the qualification points. The only worse case was UDUB party completely collapsed, although KULMIYE and UCID second time gained membership of national parties.

The only new party replaced UDUB party became WADDANI party; also we knew this Waddani group party previously was a member of UCID party for more than 6yrs.

Now let us begin my point view of the article which based only Waddani party, the question is where, when, how and why Waddani party was created? What is the history behind it?

Waddani party was originated from UCID party when there was administration struggled and strong depression competition candidates had happened, and lastly more crowd demonstrates, law affairs and facing of general court of both parties conflicts opened case each of them accused the other prosecution, finally the court gave the Party with Permanent chairman of Ucid party.

After they lost the party more disappointed met these alliance waste their time and money by any means of building new party and developing it. A same scenario case continues that time in Somaliland it was the conflict of UDUB parties and its possession. The general court did same decision of Ucid party.

Suddenly UDUB party completely collapsed, the rebellion delegation party has not confident of opening other party unless UDUB declined, because Somaliland politics based on tribe. They earned close chance and the major Udub supporters are same tribes of Waddani party, because they have hope of getting the Udub party.

That issue above created small roots hidden under the interests of that tribe, although they thought approaches that causing those groups to brought back the first chair of the country they lost before couple decades.

Waddani party was succeeding strong cheating of all people in the regions, although the people of western regions were highly cheated.

  • There are no clear candidates both first chairs.
  • Hidden tribe policy and greedy chair.
  • Promises that will not presenting the fact.
  • Created political cold war between western region tribes.

All these cheatings was behind getting massive supporters helping the party running the competition and collecting huge finance to reach the end stage of qualified parties, Waddani party has tried political transformation copied from Udub party; unfortunately it did not go through policies and plans of that party.

All the people greedy for political positions in appearing and important figures in the party, and finally does steps forward the election of local councils held in Somaliland 2012. While it got enough vote of qualifying the national parties representing the whole country.

The Somaliland national parties two of them have enough different experiences and lesson learnt, but one of them neither experience nor lesson learnt completely (Waddani party).

Waddani party is not politically mature (adult) and still creeping stage that cannot stand alone his feet, yet depending and parasite of chairing Somaliland legislative house. In contrast, without that position the party means like miscarriage baby.

Waddani party has not the capacity to handle the first chair of the county, even they cannot carry it because the immaturity and lack of responsibility. Meanwhile, before now these group lost everything of this country since they chairing the parliament house, there was not one rule they developed or rejected only these parties works implementation of government basic needs and was collecting only fruits coming through the Head Estate, subsequently there is no way we can believe them.




He whose tongue is more eloquent than yours, will deprive you of your father’s inheritance”


I’m not sure whether it’s the summer heat, a side effect of the aging process or simply dumb luck, but I’ve met a string of unusually Challenges of Presidential and Vice Presidential Candidates recently.


Not all of them will win — in part because some of them are running against each other — but they are all worth monitoring during this cycle and beyond.


Chairman of Waddani party Mr Ciro has been chairing 10 yrs house of parliament without provided vital agenda of people of Somaliland. He is familiar conflicts and violence initiator inside legislative house; apart from that they never brought stability and peace policy process that important for the people and the country.


Since he took this armchair there was a more conflict had occurred that disturbed the ongoing policies. Ex: current violence based on Voter registration procedures created between the parliament and the government was Ciro’s matured tactics and cheatings transformed the draft of legislative members voted and approved. He made changes the articles and passed to the chairman house of elders, we have seen the outcomes of his clear cheating that it can be causing postponed of presidential election in 2015.


Ciro’s policy did not deserved neither chairman nor presidential candidate, he seems empty vacuum that only does smile and bright corruptions always supports Head Estate,

Only roles he takes part was ruins of every things whether is benefits or harmful.


Us we have seen politicians who has hungry power gave resignation during course of getting their own ambitions because they have already planned and hopes leading them, like Dr.Gabose. But Cirro showing the people that he has ambition of getting the first chair of the country, reality is varying according his activities because still his claiming and fighting for having the chairman of parliament, in addition of his lack of confident, dishonest, incapability, in corruptive traits cannot accept his resignation of the office.


Ciro’s adaptations of collecting corruptions and the pipe sucking of illegal agenda passes his legislative house of blindness voting without ensuring and discussion of approving. Somaliland nation realized his attempt of getting huge amount of money without concerns wishes of this growing country.

Subsequently, Ciro’s smiling and cheating has won strong group of western nation that believes his deaf policy without analyzed the idealism face behind it, he created political warlords in western regions and competitions empty positions and their minority percentage they received in the party.


Waddani party completely resembles and took kulmiye’s steps policy treated people of Western regions, and both parties did and scored expanded political harassment and miscarriage politics.

Vice Chairman of Waddani Party Mr Seed has the makings of a strong Member of Party, and he has a lock to win in a newly elected the Candidate of the Vice President of Waddani party the coming Presidential election that will be held in Somaliland 2015.


Mr Seed Rice’s first foray into politics was two years ago, when he ran successfully to become vice chairman of the Waddani Party.


He became involved in local politics in part because of his concerns about the deleterious effects that growing motorcycle rallies could have on the community.


His fascinating role overcome the entire Waddani Party and become the most public speaker of this Party and always he is the only talk concerns of western regions comparing to the other member Waddani Party politicians originated that region.


He was the strong campaigners that engaged the creation of this Party and there was challenges between the Executive committee conflicts exploded the possession of UCID Party, us we knew last the General Court took decision related to the possession of the Party and they handover the permanent Chairman of UCID party.


Starting from that time Mr. Seed was a strong shoulder and supporter of Mr. Ciro politics and share many political agenda that included the creation of this Waddani Party and the approaches of looking new political members and receiving more supporters throughout the region.


At that time Mr. Seed was one of the feathers Waddani flew and implemented to join more supporters that previously was a member of UCID party to move up into Waddani Party including all the staff administration now working in Awdal region.


According to the financial support he acquired the rare persons that earn huge finance from his supporters both of local and Diaspora. And he was the first founders of Waddani Party while these new candidates were added later after the development of the Party although group of them came from the Diasporas.


He is a veteran that blood poured out of to succeed the national parties and become one of the third national parties and he realized his dreamt. Am not counted and listed his success fruitful with this words and sentences but it more and more of it.

Mr. Seed has got a record of the fastest jumper of political history for his becoming a politician from a local region chairman up to national vice chairman.


Mr. Mohamed Ali is second strong candidate an expert politician of formal Somali Republic of Democracy. He was diplomacy of some European countries and took his life work for foreigner countries until the Somali government collapsed, after the destruction he lives UK and work personal business before he joined Waddani Party.

He is silent and slow operator in the field of politics but this manner is not fully matched the requirement and familiarity of the political positions.

Mr. Ali is not addicted talking social media and he was not give back responds to other Political leader even he not never and ever talks the concerns of western regions, by that means it shadow and black spot in his political future.

Mr. Ali was across blank and darkest time in his time encouraged running in the place of candidate with a little groups supporter members and Mr. Cod yare only.

But the whole areas of his settlements were not supported Waddani Party, Period of Local council he was only a follower of the Party and seemed a person waiting only interests of other positions.

Because, he was not effected anyone of that area of his tribe settlements, that caused by lack of understanding context ground, also including the number votes he received that areas also is questionable.

His loyalty and patient get change and new dreaming hope reappear after the failed of UMMADA PARTY that more strong and commitment of that areas he waited the vote.

But now he has strong and extended supporters of those areas and it can be possible to get internal upgrading in the Party and also cause changes the predication percentage present he has, also those areas now moved up from Kulmiye part to Waddani party.

But there is no strong evidence of the majority of these areas still working corner- corner to the political side; because an example of last election of councils they were lost they vote without attempt to the righteous Party an even Mr. Ali was present at that time.

And their politics is not yet too long roots and it also produces more fluctuations when it get nearer the time and we have lessons learnt, but no one knows how the trust will be.

For these running candidates have different viewpoints to win the second position of the candidates in this Party.

As normal, Somaliland Parties systems all the policies and procedures unveil the chairman and his groups manage the selection process, because they spent a lot of money and time also they rescued crushes, tough period and financial problems, including genuineness of each other must cause to overthrow the power. We know all these ways most likely happen.

Subsequently, there are other candidates believing themselves for taking the position candidate but some of them not seeing these strong barriers exists within the Party.

Let me show you two sentence of Somali proverb explaining this:

He who sits close to a cooking pot gets a good bone.

Above the head there is nothing to stroke. 

These two sentences I mentioned above has clear meaning of the reality on the ground be present in the close groups, in other word it illustrates the role play of Mr. Seed his tactics to scoring the net.

In another hand, also there are internal strong candidates of Waddani Party that have ambitions to gain the confidence of the general assembly to vote them in order to become the Vice President candidates.

But there are more questions facing them, at the time of being candidates related to the familiarity and scarify they done when the Party trespassed the worse challenges.

The other way of competition is sometimes divergent or convergent but both sides there must be a preplanned points and backups the candidate must have.

And that plans make easy steps forwarded to catch up the position and receive the confidence and acceptance of the general assembly, but what are these plan points?

  • The Struggles you have participated the Party.
  • Financial supports you donated the Party.
  • Percentage supporters you attached the Party.
  • Time span and seniority that you are member in the Party.
  • Areas that you are strongest and have capacity of voters.
  • Famously of the political market in whole Somaliland.
  • Percentage population supporters behind your candidate.

These points and other hidden criteria selection being points depending of the candidate’s success.

This list shows us the names of Vice President Candidates, their titles and Percentage CC vote in Waddani Party:

No Name of Candidate Position in the Party Total Percent CC Vote 100%
Ahmed Moumin Seed Vice Chairman 55%
Mahamed Ali Secretary 20%
BADBAADO Party Candidates New member 10%
Ummada Party Candidates New member 5%
Horyaal Party Candidates New member 5%
Suleiman   Qolombi                       Rays New member 3%
Dahir Jama Muse ( daahir fifteen ) Kulmiye New member 2%

If you see the above histories there are some things descending the non-movable politics of these western regions. The concept of sharing politics, central committee, delegate members and power structure seems same assumptions and believes of three leaders of 3 national parties have follow hidden rules of treating western regions.

Also, no one party openly stated his policy towards Western people concerns for the political power percentage. Moreover, the whole candidates of vice presidents of the national parties never attempt to provide clear policy in their political parties including the positions in the organization, executive committee, number of central committee and the number of delegated they received and it’s ridiculous running in politics because they stands without mission based and beneficial of their regions.

According the divergent sides of western regions concerns are majority vary its magnitude and empowering, i.e development, armed officers, executive seats, government institutes and resources government planned in SDF 2012 up to 2016 implementation programs.


My last word concluded this statement:

“What is nourishing in appearance is nourishing indeed”





Abdikadir Jama Abdullahi

Conflict Analyzer and free writer

Borama, Somaliland


Cell Phone: +252634453327

Date: 11/13/2014











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