Somaliland:SDF at Risk of Polarising Beneficiaries


Somaliland Development Fund at Risk of Polarising Beneficiaries 

By Liban

Funds_distributionSomaliland Development Fund (SDF) is one of the   development projects underway in Somaliland. The Fund “provides a single vehicle through which donors can support Somaliland’s development goals.” Although Somaliland is part of the Federal Republic of Somalia, it has been seeking international recognition since 1991 when it declared to have broken away from the rest of Somalia.  Somaliland’s claim for sovereignty is based on the colonial border left by behind by Britain in June 26 1960.

Somaliland held two presidential elections ( in 2002 and 2010)  in territories under its control. While many parts of Somalia was mired in civil war, Somaliland was creating institutions—judiciary, parliament, house of elders and security forces. Somaliland has four political parties.

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  1. The Isaaq regions (Maroodi Jeex formerly known as Waaqoyi Galbeed) Togdheer and Saaxil (Berbera area) are getting the most aid, It seems like the idoors use somaliland to build their regions out of Isaaqnimo and not Somalilandnimo
    The only reason in my head why the Gabiley percentage is low in development ( and is receiving the same aid as the entire Awdal region) because of all the Samaroon, and other Dir clans (Madigaan,Gurgura, and Jaarso) who live there.
    I guess it’s not isaaq enough to develop.

    And Awdal? Goes without saying, after holding their SNM peace conference in Borama oh so long ago, they closed down Borama International in order to create space for Hergeisa International and build the triangle and desert they have, instead of building up fertile land.

    Somalilanders , Somaliland is a fraud based on building Isaaq areas through “Somaliland money” and resources and taxes that do not originate in the Isaaq area. They are using you to build their land they have neglected for thousands of years.

    The desert will always need aid, because it has no resources, this will never end unless you cut it.

    This is my honest opinion supported by facts,

  2. Roble
    According to the World Bank and WFP statistsics of 2005, the richest region of all of former Somalia’s 16 regions was Hargeisa. Guess who was the second richest? Well it is not an ‘Iidoor’ region but Awdal. So stop dividing us. we are all Somalilanders. But yes why did Gebilay get same amount of funding as Awdal? My gut feeling is our disease – not qabyaalad but musuqmasuq.
    So stop the division. We are the same people and will always be. Borame in my heat.


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