Somaliland:Save the children Sponsors vocational training for Local Electronic Technicians


By Goth Mohamed Goth

A well attended graduation ceremony was held on Thursday or the first batch of students from Dayax Collage for engineering and industrial Science on Thursday, at the Safari Hotel in Hargeisa.

The graduating 17 electronic technicians underwent a 12 months training course at the Dayax Collage for engineering and industrial science sponsored and funded  by the European Union through the Save the children.

Eng. Mahmud Abdullahi, chairman of the Dayax Collage for engineering and industrial science said, the vocational training institution was established in 2015 with the purpose of training local youth on garnering skills needed for employment market. Dayah College of Engineering and Industrial Science offer’s accredited and contemporary academic programs and trainings in the field of engineering and industrial technologies.

The college is equipped with the latest educational laboratories in electrical, electronics and automation technologies and aims to produce outstanding professionals capable of contributing innovative breakthroughs to the national development and community well-being.

He further added, “Out of the 20 students who enrolled for the programme, 17 students have qualified and already three quarters of those are already employed , having said so I would like to urge local companies to promote the our workforce by creating employment opportunities instead of recruiting foreign labour force.


Mr. Dahir Isaaq , speaking on behalf of Save the Children said, “The Dayax Collage for engineering and industrial science is first of its kind in the country that strives to produce well-trained staff, including a more knowledgeable and productive workforce for the local market and after extensive consultation with the various stakeholders. We decide to fund and support the vocational training school.


Mr. Dahir Isaaq further said, “Save the Children apart from promoting the training has also provided the graduating students with the equipment for them to set up shop and local industrial sector should start hiring our local talent pool and by doing so you’re invested in its growth, the well-being of its citizens and the health of the local economy.


Mr. Ahmed Elmi, representing the Somaliland Industrial association said, “We in the industry sector are constantly in need of well trained electronic technicians who are qualified to install, and repair electrical and electronic equipment whenever they breakdown, which sincerely speaking are scarce nowadays.

“I would also like to take this opportunity to advise the new technicians to utilize skills and embrace self employment by forming their own business.

Eng. Hussein Mohamed , “I very delighted to see engineering cadets graduating from local institutions , such initiatives will help to break down barriers between higher learning and the world of work.

Eng. Ahmed Adnaan, the director of TVET department at the ministry of education and higher learning said, “We at the ministry of education and save the children vocational education have jointly being campaigning for vocational training to be brought back to the academic core.

“Vocational learning gives young people more options. It also enables employers to take on staff with work-ready skills or to train young people so that they achieve these skills faster”, he said.

He further went on to say, “God willing we and our partners plan, as of next year to reopen the Hargeisa and Burao vocational training centres.



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