Somaliland:Sagal Jet Printing Company celebrates 10th anniversary

Abdi Yusuf Aar – Sagaljet’s Chief Executive Director

By Gulaid Dalha

Heralding the 10th anniversary, Somaliland’s largest printing service provider, Sagal Jet has held a glitzy ceremony at Green Plaza hotel in Hargeisa to celebrate a decade of success.

The ceremony attracted senior officials from Somaliland government, including the Minister of Commerce Dr Omar Shu’ayb, the Minister Public Works and Transport Hon Ali Marehan, chairman of Civil Service Commission Hon Sharma’arke and many others. Likewise, the high dignitaries from the three political parties, religious clerics, writers and other distinguished guest attended the ceremony to mark the occasion with Sagal Jet Printing Company.

In his remarks, the CEO of Sagal Jet Hon Abdi Yusuf Aar, has briefed the audiences of the different services that his company provides. Mr Aar stated the long journey of his company to success, the challenges they experienced and the way they tackled. Likewise, Mr Aar, Sagal Jet’s CEO, reminded the audiences the lessons learned from the constraints of setting up such big company with diverse printing services. Talking about this, he said, “For a growing company reach a mature growth stage, it should persist 10 years through the growth phase. It is an immense pleasure for me to see Sagal Jet playing the most indispensable role – job creation. From the scratch, we employed less than ten persons, and today Sagal Jet employs more than 200 employees from the nationwide.”

On the other hand, the presidential candidate of Waddani Party, Abdirahman Irro, who is also the Speaker of Somaliland parliament, has lauded Sagal Jet for being the frontline of Somaliland development and employment. “At this blissful night, I want to congratulate Sagal Jet and its flag bearer Mr Abdi Yusuf Aar, who, of course, who reached the company exponential growth and development.”

In his speech, Kulmiye’s presidential nominee for 2017 scheduled elections, Mr Musa Bihi Abdi, reiterated the need to take the footsteps of Sagal Jet towards a flourishing development. Mr Bihi said, “Sagal Jet – continue journey of success with pride! Thank you for employing Somaliland youth. Keep your commitment and dedication until the peak.”

The chairman of UCID party, Eng. Faisal Ali Warabe who also spoke at the venue said that he is glad to see such huge company with hundreds of employees. Mr Warabe spurred other companies to take the path of Sagal Jet and play a vivid role in job creation. He similarly hoped Sagal Jet for ten years of happiness, togetherness, and urged them to keep the hard work in order to make more dreams real.

Dr Omer Shu’ayb, Somaliland’s Minister of Commerce, narrated the long story of Sagal Jet to the success and its startup phase. “My mind yet remembers the beginning of this huge company. Its employees were less than 10. But keep in mind that this company could have never been here without the dedication, commitment and tireless effort of its steering man, Abdi Yusuf Aar. I think he has made all the values that make a company successful – trust, reliability and durability,” said the Minister of Commerce.

This event was not only charming but rewarding, too. The company rewarded the best employee as it termed ‘employee of the year’. Saleebaan Ahmed Abdillahi, 23, was selected for the most honest, committed and qualified employee of Sagal Jet in 2016. His story begins as a boy of 15 when he first set foot on the front door of Sagal Jet as confirmed by the CEO, Mr Aar while rewarding the award.


SAGAL JET Company, Somaliland’s largest full-service provider of print and related services, was founded in 2007. The company covers a wide variety of private and public sectors having thousands of customers. Headquartered in Hargeisa, the company employs more than 200 employees. Although Sagal Jet has printing operations outside Somaliland borders, it generates most of its revenue in Somaliland territory. The company provides both personalized and publicized printed items. Products and services of  Sagal Jet Company include: ( Printing t-shirts, flags, 3D signboards, business cards, brochures, leaflets, mugs, stamps, invitation cards, ID cards, bill boards, banners, posters, banner stands, books and other items. The company serves local, regional and nation companies encompassing diverse industries.


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