Somaliland:Saed Shire acts as Tour Guide Muse Bihi during recent visit to Nairobi


By Abdirahman M Dirye

Somaliland Foreign Minister has seen in Nairobi interpreting for, and mentoring Muse Bihi. By our laws, ministers are public servants paid by the public therefore in no way ministers can  be at the disposal of any party be it the ruling party Kulmiye or others. Mr. Saed Shire is technocrat with little connection to outside world but comparing to Muse Bihi former soldier-turned politician, he is far superior. But whom is introducing? Amina of Kenya foreign minister, Muse can understand her Kisawahili blended with simple English. For sure, he doesn’t assert diplomacy and he never claimed to know it so it’s okay to hire Somaliland foreign minister Mr. Shire for partisan politics in favor of dying party Kulmiye that the entire public got tired of.

Many local observers say this journey to Nairobi followed Wadani leader’ s tour in the region to discuss bilateral issues. Blind with jealousy, Muse asked his cousin Shire to take him to the regional capitals to be photographed.

National Election Commission NEC knew that Kulmiye party is one-time party and that’s the case for all parties. Parties in Somaliland can’t return to power once their term over! it’s historical fact like it or not. UDUB was much better position to be reelected but we know what happened to it.

For sure, Mr Muse Bihi isn’t so good at foreign policy because none of his class cadets became minister of a foreign country nor is he good at the domestic policy. His disastrous decision to launch deadly civil war is still haunts Slanders anywhere in the world. His candidacy backed by the First Family alone wasn’t smooth, and consensus but it’s on record how it triggered massive resignation of cabinet ministers especially those doing well in rebuilding roads, and schools left the system to rot. Since Muse Bihi the least likely winner in any election unless the government says “ waar inoo soo xareeya sanaaduuqda aan ka buuxinee Muse cidna dooran maysee” (let’s pack the ballot boxes cos none would vote for Muse, we know that for sure).

The resignation left the party clinically dead after useless brawl for power. Sheikh Samale thinks himself is the right candidate for Kulmiye and carries the flag of the party. Bihi Yonis also believes the government blocked his candidacy. There is an endless dispute in the party.

Given his lack of diplomatic and domestic finesse, do you think Muse can lead Somaliland with its familiar challenges and navigate safely putting our differences aside? He has the balls to verbally attack Puntland or Somalia like never before. Does Somaliland need military men to be in charge of the nation’s fate?

Muse is sole owner of Geed Deeble state plantation but he wants more. His deputy Mohamed Kahin is another military man with guerilla mentality who believes in solving bilateral ties with military might. His opposition to Ethiopian invasion of Mogadishu is on record. His belief in pan-Somalism is on record. If these soldiers become presidency and Israel and America invades Taiwan, they utter their opposition to the attack leading Somaliland into further regional and international isolation. Do we really care about Somaliland as state or still pay lip service to it and believe Somaliland is a “Tribe with Flag” as we celebrate our dear Day of May 18? The region needs a reliable leader like Abdirahman Iro of Wadani party, a man of political integrity, never flip flop, who so far never sabotaged the legitimate interests of the neighbors. But Kulmiye especially president Silanyo lectures in Raasum Hotel Summit One and Two and Three during Ethiopians defending their country what they call existential threat is obvious.

Kenya announced opening consulates for every tribe in Somalia including Somaliland, from Kislmayo, Garowe and Hargesse as they wrote in the Kenya Star. Kenya never said recognizing one tribal entity over other but said “we provide protection to Kenyans working in Somalia who are estimated 20,000 and called Kenyans to go to Somalia for work as the situation improved”  like it’s no man’s land. Nowhere Somaliland is mentioned. Shire’s stunt in Nairobi in reopening liaison office in Nairobi to please Muse Bihi’s fake campaign is counterproductive to Iro’s achievement for his nation in prior journey.

Muse however said the tour was eye opener and his tour guide was fantastic. He promises to hire Sa’ad Shire as tourist guide next time for Las Geel as well to his tribe men herd cattle before goats. Shire before Dahab Shill Co. might work as Personal Assistant for VIP or tour guide in London. The tour guide is highly paid job in the West. Postdoctorates fellows often seek. He took him to wildlife, safari tour, and sightseeing all over Nairobi! What a minister! His next client is Waranacadde, animal lover whose house full of pets including lions, and cheetahs while next door, his close relatives are dying out of hunger.

Next, Shire wanted to take Muse Bihi to the State to sightsee US cities,  but according to rumors, US embassy denied visa after thousands of angry emails got from US citizens of Harti/Daarod origin informed it of alleged war crime for Muse role in two times during 90s and 1994 civil war. Damn Hartis hate our “Mujahidin” but we some one’s terrorist is another freedom fighter and we understand that very well.

Muse Bihi whether guided by Shire whose global network is zero except with UKIP party, anti-immigrant party and anti-foreign isn’t capable of solving the intractable problems at the hand.

But let’s try Bihi to end Somaliland for good and terminate living in fool’s paradise. We can’t continue dreaming of statehood forever that became a holy grail.




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