Somaliland’s Presidential Elections Look Disastrous



 By Abdirahman M Dirye

Somaliland ruling party junta aka Kulmiye’s popularity sunk for widespread corruption consequently, they somehow realized to win the election stands very little chance. the desperate ruling party takes desperate measures to win. They began making character assassination of Wadani opposition leader bribing Star of the Kenyan corrupt newspaper that photo shopped Somaliland opposition leader sitting with Somalia’s president Farmajo with at the least a quarter million USD initially raised funds to mitigate the famine and the yellow paper later apologized for narrow instigation of another deadly civil war in Somaliland constantly reminding the world of Rwanda’s radio that set the country on fire. Years back I wrote an article titled “Somaliland’s return to authoritarianism” appeared in newspaper, much of what I predicted had crystalized very recently.

Spoonfeeding what to do when juntas are rigging election

 Last months, government organs invited Iro of Wadani presidential candidate to have debate with their military ruling candidate but the opposition leader politely declined their offer because of partiality by the organizing institutions. The decision rather upset laymen but today two key judges of the nation’s court were seen participating in the ruling party rallies, their pictures dominated social media, and people agreed Wadani’s leader’s anxiety of lack of neutrality from mere puppet civil societies that asked him to sit down with his rival in televised presidential debate was real concern, not just a wild guest. Now the ball is in the government courtroom and Wadani opposition leader’s fame has risen incredibly.

Court Judges captured rallying for the ruling parties, expectation to judge like Kenyan court Judges died with them

While an old friend of mine Adan H. Ali running his kangaroo court, the Kenyan judiciary head nullified internationally approved presidential election outcome that said the incumbent president was reelected. He challenged the entire world powerful figures including former US State Secretary John Kerry; the whole world said wow for shown independence of the Kenyan court system.

Regional election commissioners with condition of anonymity shared with me that he is doing their job properly in accordance with international election laws but the government officials approach them to allure them with position and gifts but when refused they threaten election staffs for disqualifying double voters in certain districts where the military cadet tribally belongs to, deceased, and other voting cards that has been misused and invalidated by them. Will the UK and the EU donors take the message to the sanatorium previously the presidential palace where political thugs and brutes are doing elder abuse taking the bedridden president as rubber stamp?

Having been in parliament for twelve years, he knows Somaliland’s ruling party as the back of his hand. Iro knows what they are capable of and what they can’t. Somaliland’s chief justice Adan H.Ali just issued ‘stunt’ symbolic ultimatum to judges not to favor certain parties including the ruling party that feeds them with taxpayers’ money and not to participate in the presidential campaign as happened today never mind firing or arresting them! The UK’s major concerns about Somaliland next election was manifested by the UK ambassador in Mogadishu when he said in Hargaysa Book Fair International, formerly independent institution but recently government influenced when the founder Mrs. Ayaan Ashur was nominated for Somaliland’s Ambassador for the UK.

They also nominated Adna Adan former Foreign Minister, a nationalist woman to keep her from joining Wadani party and get some voters from Arab clan, but voters are much smarter than “ campaign ministers of recent nomination than fire them in post-election win” they have seen that movie before and never let it happen again.

Kulmiye which roughly translates “to make people meet” actually enabled all corrupted officials from the UDUB defunct party members such as Ambassador Awil, whom they previously accused of emptying out the national bank, and Ali Waranade who run a national zoo of his own with government funding got common ground to siphon off the national meager resources.  Today, the ruling party Kulmiye also hired two news anchors of the BBC Somali Service who were sacked for discipline purposes by Yusuf Garad the former editor of BBC Somali language.

 Somalilanders ‘anxiety about the feasibility of this presidential election is justified: Muse Bihi known as “unsworn president” and technically co-president by the other means fights to the teeth to succeed the terminally ill president who lost grip of power for the illnesses.

Can Wadani opposition blindly trust the neutrality of the National Election Commission, UCID a fake party acting as opposition mirroring Ibrahim Babaginda of Nigeria who secretly founded fake opposition parties to enable him win every election until his death? The denigration of Somaliland into far worse conflict than its troubled Somalia looks certain unless the West send convoys of international election observers like the UK to make sure the elections are fair and free.  Wadani party bets on foreign observers’ election result rather than anyone else and if the UK election observers can’t go to places outside Hargaysa for security reasons that would also give fraud a breeding space. But Wadani security officials including five former security ministers would update the international elections observers with security status in certain places and forewarn even if the government tries to send them to endanger their lives.


Dirye is Wadani media member and concerned national,



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