Somaliland:Road Development Agency to be placed under the Ministry of Public Works


By Goth Mohamed Goth

H.E President Ahmed Mohamed Mahmoud has issued Presidential Directive # JSL/M/XERM/249-3673/112015 dated in which he transfers the Somaliland Road Authority from the Ministry of Presidential Affairs to the Ministry of Public Works , Housing and Transport with immediate effect.


In accordance with Article 90of the Somaliland constitution: The Powers of the President

After reviewing section 2 of Presidential directive Lr. 0273/102012 dated 1/10/2012 in which the Somaliland Road Authority was placed under the Jurisdiction of the Ministry of Presidential Affairs.

The importance of road development to the economic growth of the country;

After putting into consideration the advice of Minister of the Presidency and those concerned;

When subjected to: the need for the Road Development Agency to be placed under the Ministry of Public Works, Housing and Transport as the Road Development Act was submitted to the Parliament and is held in the development of roads;

When he realized: it is too convenient to be transferred to the Road Development Agency, the Ministry of Public Works, Housing and Transport;

Issued directive;

From this date henceforth , the Road Development Agency formerly under the Ministry of Presidency has been transferred to the Ministry, Housing and Transport of the Republic of Somaliland.


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