Somaliland:Rise and Fall of Muse Bihi Abdi


Mujahid Muse BihiWho Gained from Agabar Divisions?

“If a house be divided against itself, that house cannot stand” St Mark


by Abdirahman Mohamed Dirye


Muse Bihi Abdi born in early 50s somewhere between Harshin and Haraf near Hargaysa and Begun his Quranic School at the very early age. He joined Somalia national air force. Brief resume, but when late president Egal was chosen in Borama, and the country was chaotic, Muse’s name came under spotlight especially at the edge of the outbreak of the deadly civil war due to his infamous misquote from Hadrawi’s wisdom against Siyad genocidal regime “ aniga wax dili kara duco qaadan maayo” “ capable of killing, I won’t accept exorcise …” . Muse Bihi was the biggest instrumental in Egal’s offensive policies but when most of the goals reached. He was kicked out of interior office to drink lemonade with whom he fought against without any reason. Muse despite his cousins of lovers of “sizzling crumpets”, is reckless with shortsighted sentimental policies and perhaps based on his personal history of involvement in politics, born to lose.


Muse’s ultimate fall and disgraceful exit of his political career has much to do his ghostly shadow tribe than himself alone. In fact, he could be blamed for his noisy downfall from Silanyo’s fast moving train. However; Silanyo a man of rare gems entertained him for 12 years of dramas of “ habeen kaa ma tagin” that president’s tribe and Muse’s  were always allies and faithful partners and will remain so forever. So Muse and his reer magaal tribe, unworried, had to wait him to pass the presidency to them without any effort! But he was taken by surprise of the new dawn of mass delusion he was spoonfed.


Muj. Muse Bihi bought for his presidential suit from VIP shopping outlets in New York at the expense of his close relative in the State a fortnight ago  but they say “the fool is happy that he knows no more”. President’s Gar-adag kingmakers decided to bury him in his best suit before he even bought it when Muse’s closest cousin colleague ratted on him!


President Silanyo, a man of his word, felt pity for Muse’s daydream and told him the good tidings rather than letting him live in fool’s paradise for eternity in which Honorable President  Silanyo or his Crown Prince Hirsi will lead the country to recognition and prosperity in case the ageless leader decides to disappear.


President Silanyo lived in the “good” area of Hargaysa where city people tour, and knew Agabar people and residents there as the back of his hand. But for God’s sake, he didn’t divide them to neutralize each other.  unlike the kingmakers of …  what is common denominator of all these Dr Yonis Bhi, Engineer Hashi, Ahmed Hussien, Boobe Yusuf Duale among others, ocean of clerical staff ripe for recruitment  apart from papers they have? . The former chose that path as they hold papers from Berkely School in Calif. MA from Harvard among others, but lack leadership.  Hirsi and Mohamed Kahin seem excelled in leadership and camouflage skills.  Maybe I am wrong and I will leave readers to judge which or who won the real thing, not the web polls, irrelevant and wishful thinking for the clannish warriors in the diasporas.



Though “Half the failures in life arise from pulling in one’s horse as he is leaping”,  Muj. Muse Bihi tried and kept trying until he hit a brick wall while his peers of his tribe shunned out of fear or lack of talent.  Therefore; if Muse dies today, he won’t die unmarked, unknown much like his tribe men but dies as hero who travelled the untraveled territory.


Gar-adag like Daallo earned power legally or via deception or both, but won’t accept “Give Me of Begging Policy” of Agabar folks because they assert our system is not communist. “What is a communist? One who hath yearnings for equal division of unequal earnings? ‘More Verse and Prose’ (1850) ‘Epigram’.


But Muse Bihi’s decade old political bullying come to an end for better or worse but what is the scapegoat?  I was told he begun to retreat his ancestral home of Harshin to ponder.  “destiny, n. A tyrant’s authority for crime and a fool’s excuse for failure” but his failure very much expected is not ad hominem but born of disunity and miscalculations. But both his successful climb to political ladder as well as his retreat to original shepherd shelter is deafeningly ignominious. Independent observers say he was treated badly, but the reaction of his always-welcoming ethnic proved them wrong, they congratulated the government for spoon feeding him for whatsoever delicious ice creams they chose on his behalf.


  1. The Somaliland Politic were failing in term of development of democracy, let’s see the scandal between President Silaanyo and ex-president Dahir Riyaleh, if the last won the medal bronze then I will say president Silaanyo have won the medal gold by far: the Pickering between parties members and the fighting inside the parliaments, the economic scandals that rocks the country and the tribal demonstration warfare which let to many innocent dead Somalilanders. Someone wise once said that the truth is the first victim of
    politic. Kulmiye party leaders keen to justify their actions in a time of struggle and dreadful economic will bend to any level of deceit and use every dishonest trick in the book to destructive their adversaries’ fraction inside the Kulmiye Party. And the most terrible is President Silaanyo ministers tell falsehoods with liberty when the Somaliland people fail to think critically about what they are being told and the agenda that may lie behind it because
    fully be free, we must cast aside the myths tribal warfare of the past that are currently being used to mentally enslave the masses of the present actually will choose a new PRESIDENT IN 2015.

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      • I never seen someone like that nickname who pretend to be somalilander and wearing the name of Sheikhdirir and truth Muslim Somalilander and insulting another Somalilander like me who pray and defend the honor of Islam, do not make shame the name of Somaliland and stop using that name if you have any sense…That is my first comment

      • Second, listen do you know anything about Islam, because if you knew, you put your head in shame to the ground and kill yourself, do you know in the end of the end, the Day Allah will ask you: how you have done in this living world, you will be ask, being Muslim have defend the honor of islam ifeven with least as with talk.I pray for you before you die, to return to Islam…

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  2. I totally agree with Abdirahman, Bihi is very naive to believe the exaggerations of his power and resume by his reer magaal kinship. He forgot both his recent and past history. His past political carrier is painted with Somaliland civil war blood of the nineties. His recent history is about nothing but biting the political hand that fed him – Silanyo. Mr. Bihi being the childish bully he is didn’t ask who in fact Silanyo is to compete with? Who in the first place put him in the chairmanship of Silanyo founded Kulmiye party?

    Mr. Bihi didn’t learn enough about the character of Somaliland citizen despite living almost all his entire life in Somaliland. He didn’t understand that Somalilanders will never elect carrier solider as their president after the experience they had with Siad Barre, let alone a bully soldier, who takes pride in his bullying even before he won a single Kulmiye’s confidence vote . Ooouuuch! That was a bad political fall, was it not?


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