Somaliland:Revelations on the secret works carried out by the Turkish Consular Services, Somali Integration Office, in Hargeisa


Hargeisa -Since the commencement of the talks between the blessed Republic of Somaliland and the government of the neighborly country of Somalia in 2015, the government Somalia began a relentless political war with the assistance of other governments including primarily, the Turkish government, who created “the Somali integration office”. The office was formed by Turkish experts and is meant to destroy Somaliland and an amount of 4 million Dollars USD has been allocated for the purpose. The money has been availed by the Turkish government.  


 Payments received by Abdimalik M. Coldoon and those behind the Subversive Project fulfilled by him in Somaliland !!!.  (Translation done by Ali Ege, Toronto, on 7, 12, 2017).

The said office works in a clandestine manner and aims for a major objective meant to “integrate the Somali People’ and is concealed as part of the mandate of the Turkish Embassy in Mogadishu whose main Consular Service operates in the capital city of blessed Somaliland, Hargeisa. The plans set for this office includes the destruction of the State of Somaliland by using the Artists such as the singers, the media reporters, the poets, writers etc. The reason why this particular group of society has been chosen is because of their access and interaction with society.

Some of the activities already carried out by this office include the recruitment of staff members who secretly carry out the mission for which it is mandated. The employees include C/maalik M. Coldoon who is a reporter. He poses as someone who is engaged in charitable undertakings that receive donations from philanthropic individuals. That false pretension is baseless. The money paid by C/Malik is paid by the so-called ‘Somali integration Office’ of the Turkish Consulate. This might have baffled the people as well as the Somaliland government but it is financed by the said clandestine office. This information has been obtained from two officers of the Turkish Secret Service who operate out of North America who support Fathullah Gulen. The secret ‘integration’ office has been active ferrying Somaliland artists to Mogadishu. The artists have been contacted via Abdirahman Dualeh Bayle who has served as a consultant and general advisor. Bayle accessed the troupe of artists via the young singer Nimcaan Hilaac  and hence the group of artists such as Xamda Yar, Yurub Geenyo and himself as the bridging tool all went to Xamar. The office also facilitated the taking of Ilhaan Faleebo, a young promising artist who was quite patriotic, but unfortunately fell victim to the lure of money. When some undercover Somaliland nationals exposed the intrigues of the said office and its malicious programs, the office assumed low posturing and evasive actions.

The Project has been placed under the Minister of Interior (DFS) Abdi Farah Juxa and the Somali Integration Program seems to have now been transferred to be operated out of Puntland, after the awakening of the Somaliland people to the menacing intrigues from Mogadishu.

Recently, the reporter Mohamed Bashe Haji Hassan and an accompanying girl reporter have been dispatched to Puntland, particularly Eyl district. The program is well funded and is entitled  : Dad iyo Dal Barasho( Knowing thy Land and people). It is essentially meant to lure the youngsters out of their country. Although Mohamed have been a veteran, he seems to have been hoodwinked into believing otherwise. Although Turkey remained the sole funding for such projects, Qatar also showed interest in similar programs. Qatar has also been funding Abdi-Malik’s  “ family affairs and Marriage’’  TV programs in their contribution to the endeavor.

These malicious acts of sabotage can only be confronted with a unity of purpose and patriotism. The Somaliland secret agency needs to be reshuffled with new leadership and new structural set up. This menacing war has to be tackled.


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