Somaliland:Responsible Immigration Control is Important


new immagration headquatersWhilst we will welcome and support all genuine refugees  and skills economic immigrants from surrounded countries in the region. We should not lose sight the fact that we are a tiny unrecognized countries with huge challenges on its own.

The recent influx of Oroma  immigrants coming to  Somaliland  is causing some long term cultural impact if not manage properly. 
This groups of  Oroma does not seem to integrate and blend well with  Somaliland main stream society.  They operate very secretively for whatever reasons.  
Somaliland youth are easily influenced by outsiders and could fallen into trap to drugs use and  illegal prostitution and human trafficking.  
Because we are  a young  Islamic country in desperate pursuit of international co’operation therefore we cannot afford our tradition culture and religion  to be swamped and influenced outsiders  immigrants.
Once again responsible immigration is very important for all concerns politically socially and economically. The sooner we have this debate  very rationally the better we come up with long term strategy to safe guard the future  statehood of Somaliland.
Giving the fact that  Somalilanders  citizens are migrating from their countries by their thousands especially among the youth.
I am not here to stir’ up racial tension but we one must lookahead strategically.


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