Somaliland:Veteran Media Chief Quits Horn Cable TV in protest


wayabAs he accuses outlet owner of ethical misconduct

By: M. A. Egge

The respected veteran journalist Mr. Abdillahi Omar Wayab who was the Editor-in-Chief of the largest Somali television channel anywhere, the Horn Cable TV, has forthwith resigned in protest from his post as from yesterday following the lack of cooperation and ethical respect from the station owner Mr. Farhan Haji Ali.

In a terse statement that he circulated in electronic media, Mr. Abdillahi, who is popularly known as Wayab said that he has left his post following his employer’s lack of cooperation and respect to his duties by denying him free hand in delegating his obligations.

Mr. Wayab charged that the station had on several occasions aired news or associated items without his knowledge and on prompt complaints, Mr. Farhan only waved him away, scolding him.

“When I watch on the TV items unknown to (or not acknowledge by) me, I require explanations from the departmental heads whose only retorts are that ‘It’s on order by the boss’ “, says Mr. Wayab in his statement.

He continues, “Whenever I seek explanations from the boss (owner), he tells me off in unbecoming language that I can’t put them here”.

Mr. Wayab explains that he resigned on his own volition to guard his integrity and protest the unethical demeanor of the owner of HCTV.

“He says that since he was charged with the responsibilities of the whole operations at the station that covers what was aired, it was impossible for him to continue holding fort at the station and be blamed in due course for what he is oblivious to and has no knowledge of.

The station, like other local media outlets has severally aired items that touch on the integrity of journalistic and media ethics.

Most recently are the Gebiley flag-burning incident and the tribal claims alluded to one of the major local communities.




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