Somaliland:Raveled Development;Governments Arrogant Lay Claim of Leaps & Bounds and the Way Out


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1- Overview

2- Current Raveled Arrangement of the Government

3- Proposed ways to unravel

4- Conclusion



Development projects are significantly influenced by the funding arrangements and financial mechanisms made for their realisation. Therefore, improper initiatives, illegal arrangements and corrupted financial management put profound negative consequences on projects and at times lead to their collapse and future public support/trust of development initiatives follow suit. For example, Erigavo Road project is facing various challenges due to the improper management of funds which tend to wield tremendous negative effect on almost all of the under listed factors that measure and assure the success of development programmes and projects:


  • Sustainability
  • Outcome
  • Efficiency
  • Effectiveness
  • Public support/trust
  • Accountability
  • Transparency
  • Participation/dedication
  • Coordination, and
  • Monitoring and evaluation


Therefore, it is usually essential to continually monitor that funds underlying a given development initiative (programme/project) are financially managed by the official finance institutions of the government and act upon seriously so as to fetch maximum return from the obvious scare (financial) resources.


Therefore, the government subsequently failed to:

  • Review the current development projects and their funding gaps
  • Rectify the mismanagement and tackle challenges associated with current funding arrangements
  • Institutionalise fund raising activities for enhancing the benefits of development funds
  • Seek nation-wide fund support through the official channels to secure the financial sustainability
  • Open constructive Tax payer-Government collaboration on the issue for improving funds for national development projects



On behalf of the entire government institutions of President Silanyo, the Ministry Of Presidential Affairs has been initiating, assessing and implementing development projects from fund raising level to implementation and currently existing projects lack public support due to the improper and unproffesional arrangements underlying the management of these projects.


Before current Administration, Somaliland has been progressing well towards institutional building and deepening governance. Where as, the current administration, for the past several years has been entangling government institutions into a stage of orderless and political turmoil. Issues of conflict of interest and corruption have vigorously become the norm. The current lists of the needs of Somaliland witness this.


In line with this, Ministry of Planning and National Development, with the input of other government institutions, developed the National Development Plan and is no way near in fulfilling those priorities outlined in the document. It has moved on this direction due to uncoordinated development efforts of the country and the divertion of funds for projects not outlined/prioritised in the 5 year National Development Plan. Development plan outlined in the National Development Plan document have not been achieved and reasonably drawbacks of the plan is directly associated with the improper funding arrangements of Silanyo government. Such highly required developmental initiatives require proper funding mechanisms and adopting such illegal financial practice is costing Somaliland alot more.


Morever, such development arrangement, in which all concerned government institutions are excluded at all stages ravels all nation development initiatives. The currently existing development initiatives rely on funds collected through the unofficial pockets of Ministers of Silanyo and their personal accounts


This means that there is no sufficient and sustainable fund for the realisation of Somaliland development. In this arrangement of Siilaanyo government, it is not the finance institutions(Ministry of Finance, Government Bank or independant institution) that are responsible for all sorts of fund raising and in securing funds for national development projects, but it is individuals that run national development projects.


Actually, it is the responsibility of the President to engage in further to rectify and re-arrange the activities of his Ministers in accordance with their respective mandates.


All in all, the currently existing funding arrangements for Natioanl Development Initiatives can be described as follows:


  • Development funds are not legally administered and are operated outside the financial regulation of the government budget
  • It does not contain any collective effort of the government or public support initiative for development
  • It envisages no real national interest of development for all regions
  • It furnishes no ground for the Finance Institutions of the government to be directly and fully be accountable to the tax-payers in terms of the funding of programs/projects as these funds are managed by individuals appointed by the President.
  • It presumes the involvement of Presidential Palace from the initial conception to the implementation stage of programs/projects is appropriate


Therefore, it goes without saying that the current governmnt can be held responsible for failures of such programs/projects.





The question now is then what is the way out? Actually this is open call for the government and concerned stakeholders. Therefore, Somaliland government can take the proposed alternative and better funding arrangements which we believe to help all to overcome the above mention drawbacks. The proposed alternative for development initiatives is:


  • All development funds must be collected and dispersed by the finance authority and
  • Development initiatives must come from the pre-planned projects of the 5 year National Development Plan




As stated above, the current development arrangement by the government is illegal as opposed to the terms and regulations of the government. This means that it actually needs a regulated and accountable funding approaches that can be directly and efficiently managed by the finance institutions of the government.


Tax-payers of Somaliland strongly demand that their meagre resources for development being allocated and spent on the pressing priorities of the country. We think that such resources should be allotted to initiatives that can actually show us tangible impact, especially in supporting Somaliland’s public sector reform programmes, improving service delivery, for human development and for raising the incomes of the people of Somaliland for combating abject poverty. We do not expect unregulated individuals/institutions/agencies to haphazardly manage funds and implement irrelevant activities that do not reflect the priority needs of Somaliland.


Therefore, it is high time for the government to initiate proper and constructive development fund arrangements, within the concerned institutions of the government, for bringing-about acceptable, accountable and transparent arrangements that should exist between the developmental and financially in-charge institutions of the government and its citizens.


Alla Mahad Leh

Suhail Madar


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