Somaliland:Puntland Forces illegal incursion results to the Death of SL Fisherman-Minister



By Goth Mohamed Goth

Hargeysa– Somaliland Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources Hon Farah Bureed speaking to reporters in his office accused Puntland forces of the killing of unarmed fisherman after straying into Somaliland territorial waters yesterday.

“All I can say for now is that we have information that Puntland armed forces and their vessels had intentional and illegally entered the Somaliland territorial waters near Las Qoreh while pursuing Iranian owned fishing fleet suspected of illegal fishing the following pursuit resulted to the death of one Somaliland national (Fisherman) and the confiscation of several  fishing vessels by Puntland forces”, the Fisheries Minster stated.

Hon Farah Bureed lastly said, “Somaliland authorities have already contacted and have demanded answers from Puntland authorities over the illegal incursion and the criminal acts committed by their forces.


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