Somaliland:Publications Launch: Going on Tahriib & We Kissed the Ground


eeeHargeisa,Somaliland In 2015, more than one million people arrived in Europe via the Mediterranean. In Somaliland and Puntland, accounts of young people embarking on the hazardous journey via Ethiopia, Sudan and Libya, are widespread. Among the Somalis, these young people are said to be ‘going on tahriib’. Unlike previous migrations, tahriib is unique in that it is largely a youth phenomenon.
On 17 November 2016, Rift Valley Forum and the Hargeysa Cultural Centre will host the Hargeysa launch of Rift Valley Institute’s research reports:

  • Going on Tahriib: The causes and consequences of Somali youth migration to Europe, by Nimo-Ilhan Ali
  • We Kissed the Ground: A migrant’s journey from Somaliland to the Mediterrenian, by Mohamed Hussein Geeldoon.

ttGoing on Tahriib examines the causes and consequences of tahriib, why young people in Somaliland and Puntland decide to go on tahriib and the often serious effects on the families left behind.

We Kissed the Ground is a first-hand account of a young man’s attempt to migrate to Europe from Somaliland and the hardships of the journey through Ethiopia, Sudan and Libya.


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