Somaliland:Proposed KULMIYE Central Committee General Meeting Postponed-Secretary General


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By Goth Mohamed Goth

Mr. Hassan Said Yusuf the secretary General of the ruling party “KULMIYE” has announced the postponement of the proposed central committee general meeting which was due to be held today the 24/06/201 will postponed until 05/08/2014 due to the nearing of the holy month of Ramadan which is expected to begin this week this after H.E President Ahmed Mohamed Mahmoud made the request members of the party’s leadership in a meeting earlier today.

In a brief Statement released by the party secretary General stated as follows:-

Ref: Announcement

Senior members of the ruling party today meet on the request of H.E President Ahmed Mohamed Mohamoud Silanyo in which he made a request for the postponement of the central committee general meeting to a later date due to the start of the holy month of ramadan.

The Presidential request was approved by a majority of the members of the party leadership.


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