Somaliland:Muse Bihi Faction Suspend Plans to Hold Party Convention on the Request of Guurti


kulmiye 2By Goth Mohamed Goth

The faction led by Ruling party chairman Hon Muse Bihi Abdi have tonight issued a press statement postponing the proposed party general convention which was due to be held tomorrow the 31st of May 31, 2014 due to request made to the party by the newly appoint House of Elders dispute resolve committee .

REF: XK/XGX/004121/2014                                                                Date: 30/05/2014.

REF: Responding to the House of Elders Request for Suspending Upcoming Party Convention

In regard to the request made to us by the house of Elders intervention committee, we have decided to put off the proposed party convention which was to be held tomorrow the 31/05/2014.

We also deplore last night’s heavy use of force in storming the house of the former interior Minister Mr. Abdullah Abokor home terming the raid as deplorable.

The statement also strongly condemned the statement made by the Minister of Interior Mr. Mohamed Ali Waran cade linking the two recent explosions with infighting in the ruling KULMIYE party and at the same time saying that it’s a matter of time before whoever was behind this explosions is unmasked.

Lastly the party’s press statement urged Somalilanders to safeguard their peace and co-existence at all times

Singed by Said Elmi Rooble MP



  1. Bihi is zigzagging, he takes one step forward and two backwards. He suspended the meeting of his faction, because he realised that he was living in a dream and no one was going to attend. Second, he called the arrest of the former deputy minister who violently resisted arrest as deplorable and condemned the police operation. Again, he refuses the linkage of the minister of interior of the Kulmiye discord, the explosion that took place in the two nights in a raw, when there were no explosions last night after the arrest of the deputy minister. It is a well know fact that the deputy minister was a close associate of Bihi and even threatened to roll tanks into the presidential compound on TV and in the presence of the highest ranking people in the Muse Bihi camp and that was not condemned by either Bihi or his fans.

    Suffice to say Musa Bihi camp is in disarray , just look who is signing their press releases,the Rt. Honourable Saeed Elmi Roble – what a dry joke!

    • haji salah hah? or musta salah? disarray ha? wat r you talking about sala. violent resistance haji? wat a patriotism in your small manship way, Eat your dhaylo and do not care for nothing else ha?

  2. This is good news for Somaliland and for KULMIYE. Thank you Mr Bihi for showing wisdom and leadership. However please re-think what you are doing. Challenging a sitting president of your own part is always destructive even in the most mature democracies. For a creaking non-country like ours with volatile and clannish people ever willing to bring death and destruction at the drop of a hat, it is veritably irresponsible, even treacherous. You are still young for politician so why not wait for another five years that is if the old man lasts that long? I just dont understand what is the haste?
    And remember Mr Bihi an eternally truthful British political saying goes “He who wields the Sword Never wears the Crown”. You will always be remembered as the man so ambitious and so disloyal he challenged his own President. Even those who currently support you will never trust you. Think about it.


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