Somaliland: President Silanyo Commissions New Tarmac Road Linking Hargeisa to Salahlay


DSC_0196By Goth Mohamed Goth

H.E. President Ahmed Mohamed Mahmoud Silanyo today opened a newly constructed 5 KM tarmacked road , which is joins a 28 KM tarmac road which connects Hargeisa to Salahlay which has being constructed with funds donated by the government and residents of Salahlay district.

President Silanyo today while walking on foot in the main streets of city mingled with thousands of Hargeisa residents before he departed for the designated venue where the road opening ceremony was expected.

Upon arrival at the garden venue President Silanyo and his delegation were received by community leaders, elders, intellectuals, District administration, youth, women groups and the Salahlay residents and were later attended a lunch party held in their honor.

President Silanyo speaking at the function said, “It’s our duty to safeguard and maintain peace as citizens of this nation.

“Roads are an integral part of the transport system; our road network should be efficient in order to maximize economic and social benefits but most of all they play a significant role in achieving national development and contributing to the overall performance and social functioning of the community”, President Silanyo said.

The current government since coming to power has played a vital role in the construction of almost all new tarmac roads in country this after realizing the Lack of access to good road networks is a major constraint on the incomes and welfare of the poor, quantifying the precise impact of this constraint is challenging.

Click the links below to listen to other dignitaries speaking at the function

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