Somaliland:President vows to defend and fight for nationhood


DSC_0175(1)As he scoffs at President Hassan’s gaffe


By M.A. Egge

The Head of State H.E. Ahmed Mohammed Mohamud Silanyo has in a notable address to the joint National Assemblies Parliament vowed to  defend, fight for and die for SL’s nationhood  and reiterated the needs for and efforts of advancing development in general with special emphasis on priority areas.

The articulate speech of the President was in an unprecedented 4th annual consecutive address to both the Upper House of the Guurti and Lower House of the Representatives. No past SL President has made this fete which is a constitutional requirement.

H.E. President Ahmed scoffed at the Mogadishu based President Hassan Sh. Mohamud’s gaffes on SL affairs in the speech that touched on the security, foreign affairs and recognition lobbying, the health and educational sectors, environment, roads infrastructure, the ports, administration, national registration of persons, judiciary and coastal development.

He also disclosed the establishing of a national clerical (clergy) council as per legislation and at the same time re-appealed to the lawmakers to take the gender quota issue into perspective.

He reminded the legislative assemblies of the past efforts in the two decade of the 23 years since reassertion of the country’s independence hence gave a summary of where the nation stood today.

The SL essence “The country has now matured and the people of the nation and the government had focused on establishing national institution, fortifying security, developing the social general infrastructures; and socio-economical aspects”, said the President.

He continued, “It is a surely certain that no blind eyes can be turned anymore towards this country which has all the requirements of a dejure status”.

He said that in the course of implementing pledges and policy programs, the administration categorized areas to be addressed as per priority needs.

“I hereby state to you that about 85% of the pledges have been completed, 12% is at hand and only 3% may fall short our plans as projected”.


The President underscored the importance of security emphasizing that without peace and stability life was impossible. “Peaceful stability is the basic foundation of life for humanity hence it is the vein whose lack negates development and progress”, said the Head of State.

He noted that the prevalent harmonious peaceful stability in the country is amongst the top in African scale.

“Peace and stability depends on the competence of the security apparatus who are quite vigilante”, he said.

Pointing out there are enemies against the country’s aspirations he noted that the country’s servicemen are now better equipped, receive better salaries, have had their institutional academies upgraded and established hence laws have been put in place to govern the policies of the the intelligence, police andante-terrorists forces.

He scoffed at Hassan’s gaffe on Somaliland affairs when the Somalia President recently credited himself of stalling a crisis along the border whereby SL forces repelled insurgent Khatumo militiamen from SL territory! He (Hassan) also claimed that he was constantly in touch with SL President, something H.E. Ahmed Silanyo chided.

“On several occasions have I recently been hearing of Somalia President Hassan claiming of a connection between us and constantly exchanging correspondences”, noted the President and chided, “he happens to be a novice in politics as he is equally youthful”.

He continued with the scoff, “It is quite sad for him to perceive the congratulatory protocol note of his election as a fete!”

 He was categorical that when it comes to SL and her integrity Hassan Sheikh was out of question.

Foreign Affairs and Recognition

“We have stepped and pepped up efforts of getting SL recognized”, said the President.

He was vivid that the foreign policy was a clear-cut one which was self explicit.

He reminded the lawmakers that they were part of the process when they gave the green light to the commencement of the SL-Somalia talks. “Reports on the ongoings have been availed to you constantly, he told them.

 “We have an internationally facilitated talks going on (with Somalia) which should be adhered to”, and added, “we will defend, fight for and die for SL’s nationhood since it is the self-determination and aspirations of the people”.

Health and Education

Health and Education are two issues that are indispensable hence are basic in livelihood, said the President.

He said that education was a basic right for all Somalilanders and who ought to get it freely.

He said that much effort have been focused in the field for a quality educational service.

He said that equal efforts have also been made on the health sector.

Saying that the HIV/AIDS menace has had a special focus.

He emphasized that the efforts on both the education and health sectors are driven at development, spreading and fledging quality services countrywide.

Livestock and Environment

The President asked the legislative assemblies to look into a tabled environmental constitutional policy which would help and deal with range management aspects.

He said that around 12 million shoats, 1.5 million camels and 1.5 million cattle have been vaccinated and immunized against various diseases.


A lot of efforts have been done in this field and a major national mobilization of rural and urban roads construction is in progress.

Noting that roads were catalysts in the speeding up of developmental progress, the President declared the Borama road as already completed.

He had just inaugurated the Wajaale one.

He revealed that the SDF will cough 4m dollars and 2m dollars to fund Berbera-Hamas-Sheikh and Kalabayd-Dila roads stretches respectively.

He announced the start of construction works on the biggest project, the Erigavo road.

The Ports

The President told the lawmakers how the state had put major efforts in upgrading and modernizing both the air and sea ports in the country.

So far, bigger jets are now able to land in Hargeisa due to the upgrading of the runways. Much has been done in Berbera; and the Burao and Borama ones are to be addressed.

The President confirmed that talks with Bolores to make the Berbera harbor a world one facility is in progress.


The President who had made a 100% salary increases to civil servants underscored the fact that development had not come easily but for a sacrificial cost.

He gave examples of salaries increments of soldiers leaping from 44 to 106 US dollars,

Ministers 800 to 2,350 USD, judges 349.6 to 1,350USD and the MPs 421 to 1354 USD.

2014 Plans

He said that the state has planned to step up the fortification of security, spreading of administration by decentralizing them further afield, registering of persons and developing of the harbours.

Clerical body

He announced the plans to establish a national council for the clergy as per constitution since the populace is 100% Muslim.


He reiterated the cooperation enhancement of bilateral relations with the international community especially on Security, piracy menace, anti-terrorism and environment.

He called for the IC to be bold enough to know and acknowledge that SL is an entity which exists that must be recognized.


On gender issues he appealed for the third time to the MPs to give the women fraternity their quotas by nodding to and passing through a policy bill that they had shot down twice before.

The President lastly called upon all national assemblies, councils, the Diaspora and Somalilanders at large to organize and participate fully in this year’s 18th May celebrations to be held next Sunday not only nationally but worldwide.


  1. cheers! hon but burao are behind the scheduled road which u open have destroy within a month it seems there no engineers or there are highly corruption in administration and local government mismanagement . we have been not have any infrastructure compare to hergeisa and berbera . we need the government to focused in keen togdheer region we are very behind the scheduled .the other majors areas affected too for collection of revenue not be improve due tribalism, someone can not pay the duty in his/her region depends on tariff under same government ruling all areas its very confusing , divulge and affecting the morals of workers to depend only port payment .pls rectify the tax issue as soon as possible . we are awesome looking for changes .


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