Somaliland:President visits the sick and give alms


Zamzam subsequently distributes the livestock

By M.A. Egge

The President H.E. Ahmed Mohammed Mohamud Silanyo has bestowed a sizeable amount of alms to the patients of Hargeisa Group Hospital over the week.

The Head of State at the same time toured the hospital and visited the sick, praying for them.

The alms consisted mainly of livestock meant for the in-patients and token cash for the TB section.

According to the Information Minister Hon. Abdillahi Mohammed Dahir who was in the entourage, the President visited the sick after the KULMIYE convention came to a close.

He elaborated that he (President) personally “visited his close friend Mohammed Abdi Iskeerse” who is amongst the in-patients and gave the alms meant for all the sick”.

Iskeerse who is a politician and KULMIYE stalwart has been ailing for a while.

The President was accompanied by the party chairman Mr. Muse Abdi who is now the official KULMIYE presidential contender, First Lady Amina Sh. Mohammed Jirde and the Presidential Spokesman Eng. Hussein Deyr. Several ministers and eminent personalities were in the entourage.

Subsequently the minister of Finance Hon. Zamzam Abdi Aden headed to the Presidential director and handed over 70 head of livestock to the hospital’s administration on the following day.

She said that 50 were meant for the hospital inpatients as a whole and 20 specially meant for the TB section inpatients.

To receive them were the hospital’s chief executive officer Dr. Ahmed Omar Askar and Ahmed Muhummed Madar who is a member of the hospital’s board of governors.

Mr. Iskeerse profoundly thanked the President for the gestures.

He attested to his closeness with the president saying that this was the fourth time that the Head of State visited him as a patienDSC_0001t.

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