Somaliland:President visits MP Ahmed on Eid Festivities



By M.A. Egge

In an unprecedented kinship and friendly gesture, the Head of State H.E. Ahmed Mohammed Mohamoud deviated from his normal Idd days and paid a visit to a close friend and a staunch ally parliamentarian Hon. Ahmed Mohammed Dirie a.k.a Na’na’ to his home at Half London estate, Ahmed Dagah district within the city.

madaxwaynaha11He was accompanied by the First Lady Amina-weris and daughter Hodan, amongst other family members.

Many people warmed up to the President’s gesture of brethren-ship and solidarity, something that caught off-guard the security details and the media.

The President who was warmly received by his host was reportedly not accompanied by his usual heavy security personnel.

The mood was apt for the Idd festivities.



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