Somaliland:President sternly warns against post-election violence


He passionately appeals for restraint as results announcement is awaited
He calls for the safeguarding of triumphant national image

By M.A. Egge
The President H.E. Ahmed Mohammed Mohamud Silanyo has sternly warned
against hooliganism, violence and illegal demonstrations as the
tallying of votes at the headquarters of the national Electoral
Commission (NEC) is underway.
The President who hailed all and sundry in the whole nation for
participating in the elections in mature and patriotic manner also
praised the personnel security in the country for their vigilance and
He described the patriotism shown by the security personnel in the
parable of a tree being pelted that has into fruits fall to its
assaulters hence hailed them for their servitude in an election
exercise he observes as a triumph for the nation whereby the good
image earned ought to be safe-guarded.
The Head of State gave the warning following post-election incidences
of skirmishes in the city Hargeisa and Burao in Togdeer after
opposition party supporters ran amok crying foul before the final
results have not only been announced but while the votes tallying was
still going on.
The President noted that the 13th November 2017 was a great day for
the nation which woke up early in the morning hence went to the polls
queuing to exercises their political rights.
In a long passionate speech that he personally directed through public
media to the nation addressing “the young, the old, males and females,
the urbanites and those in the rural areas, to those within the
country and abroad etc” the President profusely thanked the nation and
noted the wonderful manner in which the exercise of the electioneering
processes took place.
He precisely pointed out the fact that the whole elections were
positively held not only in the local press but also in those of
international press houses.
The President revealed that the elections took place in the whole of
the country’s regions comprising of 21 electoral constituencies hence
it is only in four area which were skipped following boundary issues.
He described the exercise as a national triumph given the way it came
to pass and how it has been reflected within and without.
The President particularly pointed the fact that the election was
effectively implemented without tangible foreign support whereby much
of the bills were footed locally.
The sternly warned against wayward personalities against inciting the
members of the public into indulging in breach of public peace.
Following slight incidences of violent demos on Thursday evening that
were staged in some parts, shots had to be used to bring back sanity.
The President noted 19 personnel security casualties and two deaths on
part of civilians whose families he immediately condoled.
He appealed to the presidential candidates, their supporters and the
nation at large to exhibit restraint and preach the same to each
He said that the good image the nation earned was too dear to let it
get demeaned easily or dented anyhow.
He described the patriotism shown by the security personnel in the
parable of a tree being pelted that has into fruits fall to its
assaulters hence hailed them for their servitude.
Beckoning the security services to be even more diligent he asked them
to persevere in their efforts of safeguarding peaceful stability and
cohesion so as not to allow the hard earned nation’s good  image to be
dented; but in the same breath warned that culprits will face the full
brunt of the law in case they were found erring.


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