Somaliland:President Silanyo told to pull back his troops from Taleeh by three Western Diplomats


By Goth Mohamed Goth

The envoys of the three western nations based in Nairobi have urged the government of President Ahmed Mohamed Mahmoud Silanyo to immediately withdraw its troops from the town of Taleeh in a joint press statement released by the three emissaries yesterday.
“We call for the immediate withdrawal of armed forces from the disputed areas of Sool and Sanaag regions, and call on all actors to refrain from violence,” read the statement from British ambassador Neil Wigan, EU envoy Michele Cervone d’Urso and US envoy James McAnulty.
Rival forces have clashed repeatedly in the region before, a lawless area bordering Ethiopia that does not recognise the authority of the weak central government based far to the south in Mogadishu.
“We urge restraint and oppose the use of force,” the joint statement added.
This statement by the emissaries of western nations comes days after Somaliland deployed its troop in Taleeh with the aim of deterring unsanctioned meeting from taking place.
Many people in Somaliland have being asking what the government of President Silanyo doing in the diplomatic front especially when the borders of this nation are being threatened foreign enemies.


  1. If Somaliland would be controlling these areas I believe that Jabouti would not be bombarded today by Alshabab. Thanks to Somalilad forces for not only safeguarding our security but also our neighbours and the horn of Afrcia at large

  2. We should maintain good relations with the entities mentioned in this article, however this is a matter of sovereignty, no other country has the right to request from us to withdraw our troops from our towns especially when its inhabitants are threatened by foreign financed tribal militia who are disturbing the peace.


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