Somaliland:President Silanyo Meets With Head of UK Counter Terrorism Department

President Silanyo Meets With Head of UK counter terrorism Department, FCO
President Silanyo Meets With Head of UK counter terrorism Department, FCO
President Silanyo Meets With Head of UK counter terrorism Department, FCO
President Silanyo Meets With Head of UK counter terrorism Department, FCO

By Goth Mohamed Goth

SomalilandPress-H.E President Ahmed Mohamed Mahmoud Silanyo once again reaffirmed the close ties between the UK and Somaliland today during a meeting with the Head of UK counter terrorism department of the Foreign and Commonwealth office to discuss issues of mutual interest, including cooperation on security  and to counter terrorism.

The head of the UK counter terrorism in the FCO speaking to the media at the press conference held in the Presidency after the meeting with President Silanyo said, “We are very proud of the these  world class facility, a CID facility here in Hargeisa funded by the FCO which a great deal of hard work has gone into it but also care and attention which will increase the investigative capabilities of the police in Somaliland, what happened today is not the end of involved here in Somaliland but a combination of a period of investment in upgrading the capabilities of the criminal investigation department in country and part of an ongoing program of building capacity of the authorities here so as to enable them to secure their own peace and stability in Somaliland.

“It’s also part of what we have being during our discussion with President Silanyo, our visit here today is part of a month long intense engagement between Somaliland and UK which underlines the very deep ties between our two countries and that activities included a visit by the junior Minister of development, HMS warship visit to the port town of Berbera commemorating the first centenary of world war 1and at the same time marking the joint fighting done by soldiers from Somaliland and UK, the recent investment conference and until this morning we met coming out of the President’s office ,British businessmen who were looking forward to invest here in Somaliland ,so it’s a unique relationship for us in terms of security but also unique in terms of a real depth of understanding”,the Counter terrorism head stated.

The UK government has also provided a two and half years training and mentoring to a least 48 CID officers .The training aims to enhance the Somaliland Police Force’s ability to investigate terrorist threats recover and examine the evidence from crime scenes and build cases for prosecution.

UK-built Somaliland CID headquarters has also a pre-trial detention facility, office furnishings, a forensic lab and other crucial equipment to be used by the Somaliland Police Force.

The UK is committed to developing counter terrorism capability in the Horn of Africa in furtherance of the Government’s counter terrorism objectives which the UK assists key partner nations to develop effective and sustainable counter terrorism capabilities which operate in line with agreed international human rights standards. By helping countries to undertake counter terrorism activities locally, it targets the problem at source and reduces the risk of a terrorist attack against that nation or another.



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