Somaliland:President Silanyo Meets with Danish Minister of Trade and Development



DSC_0187By Goth Mohamed Goth

Danish minister of Trade and Development Mogens Jensen and his delegation met President Ahmed Mohamed Mahmoud Silanyo today

Danish minister of Trade and Development Mogens Jensen speaking at the press conference said, “Denmark and Somaliland had being longtime partners and through that partnership much had being achieved and secondly i also commend the people and government of Somaliland for the hard-earned accomplishments made in the areas of security, democracy, investment, rule of law, the fight against piracy and good governance.

“Apart from our discussions regarding ways to enhance diplomatic relations with Somaliland government, the government of Danish intent’s to enhance Cultural exchange such as promoting the Investment in the fishing sector, press freedom, Human rights ,economic development, bilateral and political relations with Somaliland,” Hon Mogens Jensen stated.

The Danish envoy also said, “We discussed the issues regarding the preparations of the upcoming parliamentary and Presidential elections and we laud the government of Somaliland for adopting gender equality polices and also for the important FGM which Somaliland has of lately taken a firm stand on the issue, which we believe shall send a positive signal.

Click the link below to Listen to the rest of Press Conference

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