Somaliland:President Silanyo meets with Top Officials UK based Charity organization (Al Khair Foundation)


DSC_0027By Goth Mohamed Goth

A high level delegation consisting of top representatives of the Al-Khair Foundation, a UK-based NGO headed by CEO Mr. Saif Ahmad, visited Somaliland recently.

At the Presidential palace on Wednesday, H.E. President Ahmed Mohamed Mahmoud Silanyo received Mr. Saif Ahmad, CEO of Al-Khair Foundation and the special ambassador of the World Muslim Leadership Forum along with other members of the delegation.

Mr. Saif Ahmad briefed President Silanyo during the meeting on the UK-based Charity organization’s activities in Somaliland, in which he noted that Al-Khair Foundation has been working in Somaliland since 2012. Their particular areas of focus in the various regions of the country are centered on Water, livelihood and seasonal programmes.

“AKF has provided funds to build deep boreholes in five regions, three regions boreholes fully functionally and already supplying clean water to communities living in those areas, the construction of boreholes in the other two regions are near completion. AKF has also operated water tanker trucks in Somaliland for the last seven years. This is one of our ongoing projects, whereby our trucks carry water extracted from deep boreholes and deliver it to communities with no source of water e.g. residents of State house suburb, Hargeisa and others areas countrywide” he added.

Mr. Saif Ahmad extended an invitation to attend the 2016 World Muslim Leadership Forum (WMLF) which will be held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in October. The WMLF conference provides an opportunity for Muslims to come together to discuss contemporary issues affecting Islamic communities across the globe.

By bringing together prominent thinkers, activists, leaders and entrepreneurs from around the world, WMLF hopes to build a stronger, healthier and more sustainable global society based on a deeper understanding of and mutual respect for those of other faiths.

Mr. Saif Ahmad assured that Al-Khair Foundation will continue to provide more aid projects in Somaliland, especially in the areas of water reservoir and bore hole digging. AKF officials also commended the government of Somaliland for their collaboration.

The President on behalf of fellow citizens thanked the visiting CEO of Al-Khair Foundation for the continued support towards development projects and for their efforts in bringing humanitarian aid and support to those less fortunate.

President Silanyo was joined at the meeting by the Vice President H.E Abdurrahman Abdullah Ismail, Minister in charge of Presidential Affairs Hon Mahmoud Hashi Abdi and Minister of Religious Affairs Sheik Sheikh Khalil Abdullahi Ahmed.

Click the link  to watch the joint press conference



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