Somaliland:President Silanyo meets Delegates of the Horn of Africa Environmental Network


DSC_0004Thursday, 05/11/2015

Dear Honourable Guests,


Good morning to you all, Alhamdulillah by the grace of Allah the Almighty God, I would like to welcome all the delegates of the Horn of Africa Environmental Network here in Hargeisa.


I would like to especially welcome the Honourable Dr. Rajendra Kumar Pachauri who was the chair of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change for more than 12 years during which time, the organisation was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.


Dr. Pachauri is a strong advocate for the protection of our Earth and our Environment everywhere in the world. Today, you have made it to Hargeisa, and in the name of the people of Somaliland, I would like to warmly welcome you in your second home!


Dear delegates, allow me to welcome also the esteemed guests that are honouring our city with their visit, namely Dr. Shaddad Muawia, the regional President of the Horn of Africa Environmental Network and Dr. Araya Asfaw, the Executive Director of the Horn of Africa Environmental Centre!


We are a people with a tradition deeply rooted into pastoralist life where plants, people, animals and their environment are totally interdependent. And we are deeply affected when the environment is negatively impacted by any kind of pollution and degradation.


Today, the negative effects of environmental pollution are commonly evident in the form of unclean air and water, the two essential elements to sustain life.





And the most common pollutants causing environmental pollution, or say, unhealthy environment are usually chemicals, plastic garbage, and wastewater.


This Environmental pollution is happening in many parts of the world, but our situation in Somaliland is very critical since the International Community is refusing us, any form of recognition.


Many developed countries have introduced certain laws to not only regulate various types of pollution but also the laws to mitigate the adverse effects of pollution if we want to keep our environment safe and healthy. Without proper pollution control, environment soon becomes unhealthy.


The answer is, to push for Environmental Governance, and I would like to assure you that the Government of Somaliland is committed into strengthening the legal framework and policies to consolidate the vision of a sustainable country.


I would like to mention one example: the Law preventing the use of Plastic introduced under the leadership of Ms Shukri Haji Ismail, the Minister of Environment.


We will continue our work to protect our environment, from the different landscapes, where our livestock’s is the backbone of our traditional life to the rich and long seacoast of Somaliland.


And we hope that we will continue to count on your strong support in our long endeavour.


Thank you very much!




Member of Delegates


1 Dr.araya Ethiopia Executive Director, HOA-REC&N
2 Dr.muwia shadad sudan President,  HoA -REC&N
3 Dr.R.K. Pachauri India Executive Director, the energy institute
4 Jean Christophe henry France Director , Oceanium
5 Mr.abdirahman Mohamed ahmed Djibouti Deputy Director HoAREC
6 MR. Edwin Brown USA US Department ,HAWEN Coordinator
7 Dr. Abdurrahman  Hussein Djama Djibouti HoAREC-Djibouti
8 Mr. Hussein Kassim Mohamed Djibouti HoAREC-Djibouti
9 Mr.ofleh Boutj Hussein Djibouti HoAREC-Djibouti
10 Ato Tekle W/ Gerima Ethiopia Executive Director,Gullele Botanical Garden
11 Eng. Yoseph Bereded Samuel ABBA Architect
12 Dr,Girma Balcha Ethiopia Chair of the Ethiopian Climate change form
13 Dr. Almaz Tadesse Ethiopia HoAREC
14 Mr.ofleh Boutj Hussein Ethiopia HoAREC
15 Mr.Tesagaye ladiso Ethiopia HoAREC
16 Ms. Asmeret K/Mariam Ethiopia HoAREC
17 Mr. John  kamanga Kenya HoAREC
18 O.Owiti Kenya HoAREC
19 Dr, nadir Yusuf  Hamdan  El Jack Sudan HoAREC
20 Prof. sumaia Elsayed Sudan HoAREC
21 Dr.Augustin Bong South Sudan HoAREC
22 Dr. malik doka South Sudan HoAREC
23 Prof.abdi Gaas Somaliland HoAREC
24 Ms.khadra Omer Somaliland HoAREC
25 Mohamed Ahmed Somaliland BVO
26 Abdirashid Aden Gahnug Somaliland BVO
27 Nasir Mohamed Ali Somaliland BVO


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