Somaliland:President Silanyo Inspects Expansion and Modernization work at Berbera Sea Ports and International Airport


By Goth Mohamed Goth

SomalilandPress-HE President Ahmed Mohamed Mahmoud Silanyo has today in inspection tour of the ongoing expansion and modernization projects in the Berbera ports country main seaport and Berbera International airport.

President Silanyo during the inspection tour of the ongoing expansion work at the main port was briefed by the managing director of Berbera port Authority Eng. Ali Omer Mohamed (Ali Xoor Xoor).

Eng. Ali biefing the head of state said, “Berbera port not only acts as Somaliland main source of income for the republic of Somaliland but as a significant gateway for countries in the horn and this can be brought about by the improvement services and modernizations of facilities at the port.

The Port of Berbera offers a wide range of services to clients and how it caters to the specific demands of its regional customers that why it’s the port of choice in terms of economical and service packages it offers to its clients and that ongoing expansions projects come at a time when the port is facing hot competition from other major ports in the horn region.

The port of Berbera is located strategically on the oil route, the city has a deep seaport, which serves as the region’s main commercial harbor which has a 650-metre berth and a depth of 11.5-12 metres and the port also provides a corridor to feed people in land locked Ethiopia and Central Somalia.

On the other hand President Silanyo also visited the Berbera international airport to inspect the newly completed expansion and modernization work at Berbera international airport which include an office block meant to accommodate Ministry of Aviation staff and brand new extra facilities such the main terminal which comprises of modern arrival and departure terminal lounges built to cope with the increasing number of passengers using the Berbera International Airport and an additional terminal for the visitors and relatives so to ease the congestion at the airport and a 13KM security fence.



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