Somaliland:President Silanyo Honors the Victors of the National Holy Quran Recitation Contest with Awards


IMG_0115By Goth Mohamed Goth

President Ahmed Mohamed Mahmoud has today in the Presidential palace hosted religious scholars and religious students gave awards to the winners of the year 2014 national Quran Recitation competition.

The recently concluded national Holy Quran recitation competition is the most popular religious event in the country and includes a wider programme that includes a series of lectures and Quran recitals culminating with the awards ceremony, after the winners are announced.

President Silanyo handed over the keys to a brand new Noah from Toyata to Mr. Abdillahi Mohamed Ali ,the winner of this year’s national Holy Quran recitation competition while the other were given an assortments of gifts.

The top young Abdirizaq Abdillahi Mohamed who hails from Sool region won the 2014 event he took away home a Toyota mark II vehicle.

On the hand President Silanyo was symbolic awarded with a copy of the Holy Quran by the Minister of Religious Affairs on behalf of the council of Religious scholars for his yearly offerings towards the National Holy Quran Recitation Contest.

1.     Abdullah Mohamed Ali of Marrodi Jeeh region 1st place

2.   Shauab Mohamed Abdullah of Sool region 2nd place

3. Abdurrahman Mohamed Jama of Togdheer 3rd place

4.     Jamal Abdinaasir Hussein of Maroodi Jeeh 4th place

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  1. Lets not give awards for math or science but lets give awards to 5th century tribal arab religion and its language which is not our own.

    Lets not learn and refine our own language but lets blindly assume that arabic is superior, that their god however nonexistent is the true god, lets read their books, and recite their poems and never teach our children our poems and about our histories before Islam before the Arabs…..but what is left of that time? They have already robbed us of that, and instead of reclaiming our minds for future generations we make for the arabs legions of slaves of our own children.

    Is it any wonder that many are running to Syria and Iraq to lay down their lives? Instead of building a future for themselves we have turned them into cannon fodder.

    Its not just sad anymore its hopeless.

    Its only a matter of time before some Arab declares himself a Khaliph and all Arabs fall in line and Somalis like the good slaves they’re will willfully give up our hard fought for sovereignty to be a province, some arab backwater paying tribute.

    Its not sad anymore its hopeless.

    • HEY Globalized Gallo!

      no one asked your opinion you infidel crock

      No I am sorry… Gallo is better than an Atheism “Lander”!

      you are not welcomed to Somaliland or even comment about it you fake lander

      stick in that sh@it hole you live in at the moment and keep drinking and taking fix you drunk junky

      • Thank you for pointing out EXACTLY what is wrong when Somalis have Islam on the brain. Absolutely irrational, and angry like most religious nut jobs.

  2. Nlander is probably too young and equates Islam with salafaism. The current thing called Islam in Somaliland is not the Islam of our forefathers, it is a new imported version called safalism and it is cruel and alien to us as Hinduism. Our old Islam was beautiful and calm and kind and fitted in with our culture so perfectly it had a distinct smell of habeed on a hot day. It did not take away our culture, or blackness of Africannes. Our maidens did not wear hinjabs and jinjabs and our boys did not pretend to be Saudis like the ones in the picture. Few sights on earth are as gut-wrenchingly sickening as a black man pretending to look like a Saudi. These people think we are abeeds and will always be abeeds. In our old Islam we celeberated our culture. we danced and drummed and had three day weddings and venerated our forefathers like Sheiokh Isaq and sheik Samaroon and sheikh Jeberti. It brought us together. We had poetry and buranbur and balwo and Hees and all-nighter dancer sessions when the rains come. Creativity was encouraged and it blossomed. Every poet and playwright and vocalist in the Somali language was a Lander And Now death. Death of everything Somaliland and everything of our old Islam and everything prideful and supreme and hallowed about our culture and existence is being trashed by this alien cult and we are doing zilch about it. Dont blame Isalm we are no longer Muslims we are safalists. Somaliland is no longer Somaliland. It is a foreign land


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