Somaliland:President Silanyo Does not Deserve Five More Years


iY_Wmlh5ReyABy Ali Mohamed


Lewis Center, Ohio—-President Silanyo recently has launched his re-election campaign after he formally announced to seek for a second term in a short pre-recorded speech broadcasted over Somaliland Television.


The four years since Silanyo took office; he rarely held press conferences or spoke at public events. However, his close circle believes that the president is in good health and is fit to lead the country for another five years. To prove that, they released a video of Silanyo swimming on beaches, visiting remote towns and villages, groundbreaking $200 million projects on empty promises in campaign style events, just to mislead the voters.


But a close look of his record from his first term shows that he does not deserve to be elected for five more years.


During the 2010 presidential campaign, then candidate Silanyo vowed to crack down corruption and nepotism, Support freedom of press, set up an independent judiciary system, and to uphold the rule of the law, because all of these are essential elements for good governance.


But after four years in office, all Silanyo delivered is a series of broken promises and laundry lists of lies and empty projects, for his re-election campaign.


Silanyo also turned out to be a great Clan chief “Aqil” but failed as a national leader. He became another African leader who tolerated corruption, bad governance, power abuse, misery to his own people, and denied them opportunity to improve their lives.


President Silanyo, Instead of cracking down on the massive network of corruption left by the former Riyaale administration, ironically, he permitted his own cohorts to wallow in the same troughs.


For instance, Silanyo transferred to his closest associates the control of Bebera livestock export and quarantine facilities and fuel depots. Silanyo also used shady tactics to sell government lands and buildings. He even issued energy and oil and mineral concessions, without any legislative over sight.


On March, 2012, Silanyo and his Ministers issued a permit for Dahabshil Group to build a cement factory near the old Berbera Cement plant, without proper vetting, but rescinded the permit after strong opposition from Sahel communities.


Under Silanyo, his cronies from communications and the money transfer sectors paid little or no taxes, while levying high fees and taxes on produce and milk street vendors—who are mainly poor women, people unable to afford it.


But the rules of law, access to justice were his greatest shortcomings. Silanyo had lost a chance to build strong democratic institutions in Somaliland based on the rule of the law.


The constitution clearly states our judiciary must be independent. But as soon as the Silanyo administration took over the government, Silanyo has removed from the benches corrupted judges but with decades of judicial experience, and replaced them with more corrupted judges with no legal background.


The heavy handed interference of the Silanyo administration on judiciary undermined the credibility and the independence of our court systems, and rights of our citizens to get fair hearing in a court of law. And this is why Somaliland’s judicial system is still broken.


Now, arbitrary arrests and detention without trial of his political opponents and journalists, who are just doing their job of informing the public about the bad governance and the massive corruption Silanyo is presiding over, become routine.


Nevertheless, Silanyo has failed to keep his pledge of creating an independent Attorney General cabinet level position.  Instead, he boosted the power of the highly politicized and corrupted Interior Ministry office, led by Mohamed “Waran_Adde” Ali.


And now, “Warran-Adde”   is using his old trade he learned from the notorious intelligence services of Siad Barre to “punish and suppress” law abiding citizens and their leaders, who freely assembled to show their dissatisfaction of the wrong direction the country is headed.


Although Silanyo’s four years in office has been rather disappointing, he has made some positive progress. The Silanyo administration initiated free primary education for all children, increased the wages for government employees and started a dialogue with the Somali government that is struggling to govern. But this small progress alone would not be enough for Silanyo to save his job.


Silanyo lost his authority and legitimacy to rule, because he disregarded the Somaliland constitution and the rule of the law.


Most recently, Silanyo and his lap dog Interior Minister “Warran Adde” circumvented unilaterally the parliament to enact citizenship legislation. It is assault on the Somaliland constitution—which gives the Parliament the power to write laws—and it is a blatant power abuse. And this is a classic example of Silanyo’s dictatorial tendency.


But after he failed to keep not one but of all of his pledges, then why do Silanyo and his close circle think Somaliland voters would re- elect him?


Because of his dismal records he does not deserve to lead Somaliland  five more years, in fact, Silanyo does not even deserve to mislead the people on more empty promises of massive highway projects.


Moreover, the Somaliland people are tired of the old parochial Clannish politics of Silanyo and would like to move on and they are looking for an aspiring leader with a vision to move Somaliland forward in the upcoming elections.


Somaliland voters should not give Silanyo a chance to plunge Somaliland into an abyss. Instead, they should rather send him to a permanent retirement.




Ali Mohamed is the co-founder of the Horn of Africa Freedom Foundation. It is a grassroots organization, located in Lewis Center, Ohio that advocates for the advancement of freedom and democratic values for the indigenous people of the Horn of Africa. He can be reached



  1. Ali, why did you list all the president accommlishments. Quadrupling the budget, Creating ranks among the militray, buliding roads and many more. I hate hyporcrites.

    • I think all of u are of sense of opinion .only your comments are clan motivated opinion..plse 4 god sack be a civilized Human born and write some valuable opinion that people of Somaliland citizens can .u r refugee boy of no back ground.
      there is an arab proverb saying ….SOMEBODY CALLED Noor but the other friend

      who was with him when he was calling Noor /reply to him and told him if this friend is noor who will be ur black ,ie if u r black person and ur name is Mr Noor ??
      ur naked behaviors is not acceptable . I think all of you are Dementia sick. better consult ur Doctor advice 4 advice/
      by clan motivated so called somalilanders .people of somaliland need advice and a valuable preachy opinion.

  2. I don’t get it, what is exactly your point? Stop hiding behind clan veil, unregistered and unknown organisations along with unfounded allegations that can be made by retard like you.

    You have only one vote and you can push it up into your ass and also take your Shani-throwing , clan-worshiping and ignorant friends with you and we will se if Silanyo deserves five more years or not.

    The only way Somaliland will get rid of these uncivilised and ignorant people is by moving the capital city from Hargeisa to the centre of the country. Take it from me, that will happen very soon.

    • Wore you born yesterday the capital will never move no where I can bet every thing that your tribes is worth on it. Silanyo start well but corruption and nepotism let him down I never seen a more greedy president. He would have easy got another years or even ten extra years. But he let himself as well the nation down and 90% of Somaliland can’t wait for his riddance. What a dumb senile greedy triblistic failure. I wish he would just resign right now.


  3. I wonder how old is the guy,wrote this crap three-years or four-years at the most or may be even less. Don’t get me wrong I’m referring to his mental age.

    • Their is nothing wrong with the guy, if anything he is a truthful patriot who is not like the hypocrites who have no standards whatsoever.
      Well done Ali. Please keep up with the good work.

  4. Agreed with you Mr. Ali, the way you wrote this article, but to add how Mr. bashe Awil (Aka morgan) son-in-law of the president plays major in the Silanyo administration. Somaliland doesn’t need another five years of corruption, family and weak government and lack of president, since president Silanyo is not well as the BBC world service aired last may. Down family government, Down Amina-weris and Bashe awill administration. We call UN and western governance to label travel ban the ministers of these corrupted administration to save Somaliland.

    • Mr. Koshin, let me remain you (Nin agoon ku xada qalin qaaxo kama fogaate), we know that the president is not well. Mr. Bashe his baby Lul Ahmed Silanyo and his fox mom Amina-weris are the corruption makers of the administration. If someone can make what you wrote, Amina did that to Siyad barre, while her husband was out of the condition.

    • Kooshin, I am 1000% sure that you are born to reer dhillooyin ah who used to seeing this things performed right in front of your eyes by your sisters. How do you refresh your memory now or you are still living with them.
      Have some clips?

      • Aroosa, I am sure you wanted to say that My father raped your mother ha? see how i read your lips? Ahahahahahahaaaa!
        Fuck you aroosa

  5. I don’t think the writer of this piece is fair. He must be ashamed of himself talking like this to the leader was democratically elected and won more than 52% of vote three way election. Let us not forget that he achieved in four years more than anything Somaliland achieved in its entire history. I believe he will quadruple his achievements or even more than his more in his second term.

    The unbiased majority are happy with what he achieved and the only tearing eyes of those people who can not compete with him in a free and fair election. It is always the habit of loser to resort to name calling and cheap tactics. This will only solidify his support and his opposition are bound to fail, because the Somaliland people are fair and smart.

  6. I think this is what i call a paper exercise for some who is jobless and refugee living under the dream of promised land. To make a sense and presenting a counter balance argument the very first thing that is coming in to your mind is who are you comparing with Silanyo’s track record – muse Bihi, Cirro or Jamal. These questions would have given you to make a reasonable conclusion. Your argument might appeared to be valid if you have made any research into your argument of not wanting Silayo to return but you have made yourself to be open for questioning your knowledge and your judgement let alone your obvious tribal allegiance.

  7. I think Idil thinks that this a dating website – sister go to the Hargeisa Airport and wait for Ali’s arrival (author of this garbage) since you have noticed that he sounds like he had enough of being jobless in Ohio and his trip to Hargeisa is due now

  8. Mr.Siilaanyo is the only Somaliland leader who did some great and tangible things for Somaliland. Like it or hate it. The only blunder he did and which is now haunting is the creation of the Ururada that caused some Qabyaalad. Siilaanyo did his best.

  9. irbad dhuub magelisan afkuna waydin dheeryahay . qofkii caqli lihi waa ogyahay cid dhantaa inanay horena usoo marin hadana muuqan khaladka ugu wayn ee uu sameeyay waxa weeye qolada uu xididka layahay ee u waxwalba siiyay ee hadana kuu kufadhiyay leh khasab kaga kac waa abaalkii .
    waxba xidid waa sunee yaan sedigay deyin muga maan sinsaarada ku simo saadsay geerida e. walee gabadhin guur beeshay saa inantoodii unbay caayayaan sodahda ahayd waar kuwani walaahay dhaqan isaaq malahe waa oromo .
    haduu talo hayo awoodan uu siiyay haka qaado oo reer bari hasiiyo amass Arab iyo ciidangale.
    caasumadana haloo vote meeshii laga dhigayo marku shanta sano dhamaystona ciro haloo wareego bal dabaded hala eego cida shanidu wax udhinto ileen meelkale kuma dhacane daantooda haku tuureen hayaduhuna marka haka gureen oo dhaqalahodu hoosta hagalo soo meertii dib ha ugu noqdeene. kulmiyana silanyo mawareejin karo oo reer baa geliyay naf iyo maal oo yarad loo bixin maayo mar hadanay inanti laga qabayba nabad gelinayn.

    • Irbad dhuub magelisan, maye gus buuran baanu galinaa saado cali. Arab iyo ciidangalena waa Wadaniyiin reer Somaliland ah. Madax waynaha anagay na jirtaa in aanu doorano ama aanu doorano kii annu doono. meerti waaa taada maah taayada, waayo gobtu ma meerato, haddii aanu naag kaaga dhacno miyaanaan ku siinayn kulmiye iyo wax ka wayn ba? ah ah ah ah ah ahaaaaa! Futo qadhmuune!

  10. It is the diaspora Somalilander who want to destroy Somaliland, Listen ALI in Columbus Ohio you are sick this is the only president who built the country and he deserves another five years and I am not kulumyie or a silanyo supporter or his Huber jaclo, I see honesty from this man and that’s what Somaliland needs.

  11. Until we see someone better than Siilaanyo we will stick with him no matter what. And by the way, Daahir Riyaale (former president) never used to do any press conferences except when he returns from abroad to tell people at the Airport (now rebuilt by Siilaanyo) that the recognition is coming lol We are not fools!

  12. Nalye this guy is a fruit and aol or internet did not come out until the mid 1990s. The early 90’s was the same as the late 80’s with technology and fashion you were probably a mire twinkle during that period.

  13. No matter what the nay Sayers say
    ; Silanyo is the best option We have now . We must re elect him for a second term.Look back and see how far We came with his leadership . Don’t think clanish and small minded; think patriotic and far sighted. Respect and reelect our true hero …president Ahmed Mahamoud Silanyo.
    Ku Caddeye

    • I just remembered an old book of yours, Sheikh Ishaq. No thank you pal for your commanding words. He is your leader only and ours. We are not all submissive animals, but still we are not thinking clannish and small mindedness as you naively put it. What you are missing is that being in opposition is in fact a patriotic thing, respect and reelect your poor hero. Ka caddeye.

  14. N/B Mr Ali artical after review>>> As per your title >. Ali mohamed co-founder Horn of Africa Freedom Foundation / Based in Lewis center /Ohio. U.S.A.. Frist of all you are exrefugee up graded to Diaspora .? From that view YOU did not point any National guidance that can confis the readers . explain (GCTF) ……


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