Somaliland:President Silanyo Camp Meets with Guurti conciliatory committee


DSCN5727By Goth Mohamed Goth

H.E. President Ahmed Mohamed Mahmoud Silanyo and Vice President Abdurrahman Abdullah Ismail Saylici flanked by several top cabinet Ministers in his government meet with the house of Elders conciliatory committee tasked with solving the ongoing infighting in the ruling party.

Reliable sources close to the Presidential palace have confirmed that the meeting took place yesterday between the Guurti conciliatory committee headed by the chairman of House of Elders Hon Suleiman Mahmoud Aden and President Silanyo, VP Saylici and several cabinet Ministers.

President Silanyo said to have briefed of long and shorts of the matter blamed the party chairman Hon Muse Bihi Abdi and his deputy Hon Mohamed Kahin Ahmed authoritarian way of running party affairs as being the reason which led to the five times postponement of the 3rd general meeting.

The President side informed the Guurti conciliatory committee of how President Silanyo went to great lengths for the sake of keeping the party united and the ‘negotiated deals’ which prompted the ruling party to wrap up its 3rd national party convention, without any change to its leadership with the aim of eliminating any competition to the party chairman Hon Muse Bihi Abdi and the members of the party’s supreme committee.

Guurti conciliatory committee were told that at first the chairman of the ruling party was aware of the selection process used to select the party’s central committee delegates by the party’s 3rd convention organizing committee and how he suddenly dismissed the otherwise justifiable criteria used to select the party delegates.

Among those attending the meeting were the Minister of Presidency Hon Hersi Ali Haji Hassan, Minster of Public Works Hon Abdirizaq Khalif , Minister of Finance Hon Abdiaziz Samaale and Presidential Spokesperson Mr. Ahmed Saleban Dhuhul.

The Guurti conciliatory committee had a similar meeting two days ago (Monday) with the party chairman camp.

The Guurti conciliatory committee is expected to come up with solution to the problem this week.


  1. Parallel Politic Analysis in Somaliland
    The Guurti “Elders comity” and Parliament power along of opposition parties of Somaliland have being fixed long time ago. Since 2010, they have being toothless face of Silaanyo semi-dictatorship of Single-party state of Kulmiye and the only institutions
    that is strong enough is the Somaliland army department. During 2003 and 2010,
    Somaliland have receive from Democratic watch worldwide top 10 list in Africa
    as a country which their institutions were growing and strong enough to compete
    in the international arena as democratic country. Somaliland became the jewel
    in Africa and envies by all and Djibouti and Ethiopia if even felt jealousy. But
    after 2010, we have seen most establishments have been sterilised, the
    government Silaanyo corruption started from the parliament which became a place
    that defies all logic where members fights each other’s and they became laughing-stock for the population of Somaliland.
    Then, most Kulmiye ministers of Silaanyo started a ruthless campaign against
    all opposition parties: Wadani and Ucid and as citizen we felt, a reverse democratic
    process of one super-strong party in the expense of non-kulmiye party. And
    still, as Somaliland citizens, we did not say nothing. Then, the businesses of
    Somaliland receive one last blow, the corruption of Silaanyo sub clan and
    families dominated the dealing and under dealing of Somaliland commerce that
    use to be in the Ex-president Dahir Riyaleh Kahin a free enterprise of unrestricted
    capitalism, and as citizens we need to reject this Silaanyo family dynasty constructed
    under our eyes in Somaliland and we do not want some family oligarchs living in
    the economics of Somaliland.


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