Somaliland:President Muse Bihi Abdi Appoints new Cabinet Ministers


H.E. President of the Republic of Somaliland,Hon Musa Bihi Abdi, today,unveiled his government’s first roster of ministers and vice ministers.

The president fielded 23 ministries who, between them, account for a 31-member cabinet of ministers.

Notably, among the ministeries omitted are the ministry of Aviation which is incorporated into the ministry of Transportation – and at a time Somaliland airspace administration is sequestered by the Federal Government of Somalia on a direct contravention of the Istanbul Communique II of 2013.

Roads Authority wriggles from under Public Works and moves over to Transportation as ‘Roads Development’. Ministry of Fisheries is no more. It is annexed to Animal Husbandry. Trading or Commerce moves back in with Industries. Instead, Investment development becomes takes on a brand new portfolio that has never been on its own for the past 26 years.

  1. Minister of Trade and Industry – Mohamoud Hasan Sa’ad
  2. Minister of Finance – Yusuf Mohamed Erigay3.
  3. Minister of Defence –Isse Ahmed Yusuf Adale
  1. Minister of Interior – Mohamed Kahin Ahmed
  2. Minister of Endowment and Religious affairs – Sheikh Khalil Abdilahi Ahmed
  3. Minister of Foreign Affairs – Dr. Sa’ad Ali Shire. Mr. Sa’ad
  4. Minister of Education – Yassin Faratoon He was the minister of interior of Silanyo’s last cabinet
  5. Minister of Agricultural Development – Ahmed Muumin Seed
  6. Minister of Health – Dr. Hasan Ismail Yusuf Warsame
  7. Ministry of Family affairs – Ms. Hinda Jama Hirsi
  8. Ministry of environment and Rural development– Ms. Shukri Bodare
  9. Ministry of investment and development– Mohamed Ahmed Mahmoud Awad
  10. Ministry of Water Resources – Suleiman Yusuf Ali Koore
  11. Ministry of Sports & Youth— Yusuf Mohamoud Nour
  12. Ministry of Justice—— Abdiqani Mohamed Cateeye
  13. Ministry of Livestock –Hassan Mohamed Gafadhi
  14. Ministry of Employment and Labour Relations – Hinda Jama Elmi
  15. Ministry of Public Works – Abdirashid Haji Du’ale
  16. Ministry of information and national guidance– Abdurrahman Abdullahi Farah Diriye
  17. Ministry of Telecommunication and Technology– Dr. Abdiwali Sheikh Abdilahi
  18. Ministry of Energy and Mineral— Jama Mahmud Egal
  19. Ministry of Constitutional Affairs– Mohamed Haji Elmi
  20. Ministry of Transport and Development– Abdullah Abokor Osman
  21. Ministry of National Planning and Development—-Awale Ibrahim Shirwa Lodoon

Assistant Ministers

  1. Deputy Minister of Information and National Guidance– Mohamed Muse Abees
  2. Deputy minister of Livestock Ministry–Ms. Yurub Abiib Abdi
  3. Deputy Finance development ministry– Mr. Mohamed Dahir
  4. Deputy Education ministry- Abdikadir Mahmud Dhagaweyne
  5. Deputy Health Ministry–Abdinasir Omar Rooble
  6. Deputy Transport Ministry–Sahal Mohamed Jama Faarah




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