Somaliland:President Muse A Bihi Must Not Be Burdened with Government Debt


The first Somaliland President Ahmed A. Ali (Tuur) Left office with no government debt tohis successor President Mohamed I. Igal. In 2002when Igal died while in office,leftbehind thirty million dollars in government treasuryfor President Riyale. In contrast Riyale lost 2010 presidential electionnothing in government treasury but rather transferred to Ahmed M Mohamoud (siilanyo) in 2010. Ironically, rumors circulating around in the capital, Hargeisa lately indicate that outgoing Siilanyo administration is planning to transfer massive government debt to the incoming administration of President Bihi. Some estimates even suggestan obscenely one hundred million dollars. President Bihi should exercise caution in accepting this massive debt and must order an audit to get to the bottom of this matter.  Its judicious if the reports are substantiated and that president Bihi has imposed travel ban on all Siilanyo minsters and government agency directors; ordered border control officials to stop if any one tried to leave the country.

President Bihi with due diligence must bring to account minsters and other government officials who routinely embezzle government funds for their own personal use. Considering president Bihi’s land side victory at the polls, indecision by his administration would make a mockery of the mandate given by the people of Somaliland. This outrageous debt transfer issue must not distract the president and his new incoming administration in the focusing how to deal with and strategize in solving a vastarray of challenges before him.If president elect Bihi accepts the government debt without through audit examination, I believe it will a stain on his administration and a deceitful and dishonest act. It can also be interpreted that Bihi must have been complicit in the debt clemency.

No Somaliland government should allow itself to shoulder the debt burden of the previous government, incoming administration should not be in a situation where is unable to pay salaries to its employees.  The fact that the president is also the head of the ruling Kulmiye Party, in legal terms this serious matter could be construed as a collusion with his predecessor with the minsters and agency directors servingprevious administration.  As such its incumbent up on the incoming president to stop this cultural of impunity irreversibly. where by no government official is never be brought before the court of law to face criminal charges for embezzlement, misuse, misappropriation of funds or outright corruption. Actions of all government employees must be accountable to their respective ministers or head of their agencies and they are accountable to the president and serve as pleasure. President Bihi had to start with renewed and clean slate. President Bihi run of the plat form of curbing corruption and tackling misuse of both moveable government assets and real estate properties as well as government funds. 

All concerned ministries and government agencies must open their accounts and allow full and through independent audit. When such audit is completed,anyonefound negligent and dereliction of his duties where by shortfalls exist in his booksmust be charged. If the court systems determined that criminal and/or fraudulent acts was committed minsters and agency directors, then they must bear the full brunt of the law and face jail terms/and or maximum fines.


Fowzi Kamal



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